Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #797, Spooky

Amazing Spiderman #797 (available on eBay) is out this week and it is spooky. People have been wondering if the Red Goblin will make an appearance. More on that later. Spoiled Images are protected, click the spoiler image for the spoilers. The accompanying text is not redacted. Read on at your own discretion.
First up, Amazing Spiderman #797 (available on eBay) seems like it should have come out in October, in time for Halloween, as it is spooky. It is a hell of a read but if you are looking for the Red Goblin first appearance, it ain’t here. However, a heck of a read all the same.
Norman does a good job setting the atmosphere.

And shows off some some crazy Carnage goodness.

Old Norman is plotting, wants to figure out who the Spider-Man is.

Meanwhile, an intruder, someone who tried to take up the Goblin mantle.

You Phil Urich, aka the Green Goblin, aka The Hobgoblin, aka The Gobin King

Yeah, Norman is having none of this intrusion.

Norman comes to a revelation.

With a little help from…..

33 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #797, Spooky”

    1. Death of Goblin King aka Green Goblin 3 aka Hobgoblin (forget which number) and also a rat, no Red Goblin, except on the cover, which could be argued is the first appearance on a cover since the ComicXposure ones were damaged and have to be reprinted.

      1. The trade dressed comicxsposure were not damaged and already in hand of Seller’s on eBay so it stays as first Red Goblin Cover. Only the Virgins came damaged. That’s a really weird line to write. Lol

      2. ComicXposure and other store variants don’t count in my opinion. Direct from the publisher is where I’ll count first appearances. 🙂

  1. Feel sorry for all the people who bought the Mayhew variant on Ebay thinking Red Goblin was going to be introduced .. some sales were as high as 350 for a copy .. Got mine for 35 plus shipping … I was hoping he was going to make his 1st appearance here but I was not holding my breath…

    1. Huh? How you sound — you bought the comic too thinking the same thing ?!! Haha better off saying you didn’t get the comic and make your point that way !!! Smh

      1. I didn’t get the comic, I don’t feel so bad anymore. Really thought I missed out on it but i do agree it’s not the nicest of business practices to push out a bunch of store variants for a issue that doesn’t deliver the goods on the inside. If you paid over $100 for the Homage you have a reason to be pissed at Marvel.

    2. What about the 1:500 and 1:1000 or whatever ratios Marvel made for 797? People buying those cannot be happy either unless they are really into the cover

      1. They are probably super upset, I know whoever paid $150 from midtown for the young guns Spidey #797 will be part of that same boat too.

      2. Also WTF why is there :500 and :1000 variants for this pretty non eventful Spidey book Marvel sure did milk everyone and will continue this taxing on comic collectors and speculators as they have to buy more and more books.

    1. Red Goblin appears on the regular cover of 799. I say cameo in 798 and full in 799. Carnage spawn joins with Hobgoblin corpse and thats the red goblin!

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. Have you seen the Clayton Crain sketch of #799’s cover? It’s not ComicXposure’s website, and on Crain’s own website the characters are blacked out, but in this image that was previously posted (which matches Crain’s blacked-out images), you can clearly see BOTH Goblins in the same scene together: https://imgur.com/DVgYUip

  2. I’ll grab what I can at the LCS and flip them ASAP. This whole Red Goblin thing will be gone midway through the next reboot in a few months. As far as I’m concerned, Norman Osborn died in ASM 122

  3. Great discussion as always. I ordered two copies of the Comicxposure #796 and have already gotten them and regardless of first cover appearance or not, they are beautiful (trade dress version). Can you believe how much we are talking about Amazing Spiderman in the last month? When was the last time that happened on this title? Can’t wait for the next issue!!

  4. Almost seems like they are building towards #800 being the showdown… Wonder if they will do a reenactment of the death of Gwen Stacy story, with maybe Mary Jane instead of Gwen?

    1. Its his 1st, direct edition cover appearance. Whatever that means. But i, and i believe the market as well, wont consider that image a 1st appearance. That will take place once we see him in the guts of the books.

  5. I gained a whole new level of appreciation for Norman for killing one of the worst Spiderman villains in the form of Phil-Goblin. Ever since Slott turned Phil into another Jason Macendale, I was hoping that the character would either be killed off or forgotten.

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