Variants for a Cause: Amazing Spiderman #798 Texas Children’s Hospital Variant

I usually stay away from exclusives and variants, sometimes. But this one is one really worth spotlighting. Amazing Spiderman #798 is going to feature the first appearance of Red Goblin, finally it seems, and there is a special variant raising money for the Texas Children’s Hospital that will be released for the book. Check it out below:


Amazing Spiderman #798 Texas Children’s Hospital Variant (available on eBay)  is out April 4, 2018. Copies of the book are being pre-sold. It features a Greg Land cover. The book is exclusive to  Space Cadets Collection and Njoy Games & Comics. 10% of the proceeds go to The Texas Children’s Hospital.


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15 Responses to Variants for a Cause: Amazing Spiderman #798 Texas Children’s Hospital Variant

  1. Zeus says:

    Cool cover for a good cause, peace

  2. Adam Lebednik says:

    any idea what the print run is? I cant find it anywhere.

  3. OC_GUY says:

    I’ll get one, but for a charity you would think they would give more than 10% of the proceeds, especially at $20 a pop. Then again, I do not know all the costs associated with exclusive covers, so my opinion might be a bit misplaced….What’s the print run one these?

    • OC_GUY says:

      These sold fast! When I looked it stated more then ten available. A minute later it stated “almost gone” but I was able to get one. I’m sure there are other ways to get this, but wow, literally 50 sold in about 20 minutes or so.

    • poohbear151 says:

      Just FYI, the eBay 10% is in addition to what will be donated based on the total sale of the book. To list it as a “charity auction ” on eBay a value has to be listed, which is deducted by eBay for the charity. So the total donations will be higher than just the 10% eBay lists.

    • Richard Guevara says:

      No listed print run on these. Someone contacted them on eBay and they said they didn’t want to say.

  4. Jetski says:

    Sold out before I could place the order.

  5. Josias Ocampo says:

    I managed to get 1, but it looks like it already sold out.

  6. Michael Cox says:

    there are more up ,just got 1

  7. Rob Pillsbury says:

    I also agree the 10% seems pretty weak. Nice cover but I’ll stick with the regular cover and hope to get the Garron also.

  8. over inflated bubba says:

    charging about 9x their cost and only donating 10 percent lame

    • Anthony says:

      Still, more than many of the other shops are giving to charity for their variant

    • Anthony says:

      Also there are more costs to doing an exclusive than just the book cost. When I did some of my exclusives I paid for the cost of the book, cost of shipping to me, bags and boards, Gemini Mailers, Time has to be included in the cost because it takes time to bag and board tape packaging boxes print postage, there’s cost and that too, drive them to the post office drive back.

  9. NotJon says:

    I bought two of the color, despite folks saying it seemed pretty suspicious that they were only donating 10% and now I honestly feel like a rube. I noticed they’ve now also rolled out a B/W virgin for even more money, and still only at the 10% donation level. With the number of copies they ordered their only overhead should have been paying the artist, and shipping. Marvel wouldn’t have made them pay anything for the right to producing the actual variant or anything. This is feeling more and more to me like the donation was just a way for them to get people that wouldn’t have otherwise bothered with a variant to buy a copy or two.

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