Alana’s Weekly Deals

Hey CHUniverse, a couple great deals out there to be had this week.

Best Buy has all their LEGO games on sale you can pick up LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 for the Nintendo switch and other consoles for $20. The switch version currently resale’s for about $30-$35.

Also the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet is currently selling on eBay for $180 shipped Amazon has them up for retail $99.99 + free shipping

There is also a Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos currently selling for $35 on eBay, found five in my store but only took one home.


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6 Responses to Alana’s Weekly Deals

  1. Donato Congialdi says:

    Amazon has gauntlet for 140.00…I guess the cheaper ones went quickly…

  2. m says:

    so who owns a Gauntlet? I was going to order one but it looks as if it’ll break quick.

    • Alana says:

      Here’s an unboxing video mine doesn’t ship until the 1st.

      Only took one day shipping from Best Buy on the LEGO Marvel Superheros 2 for me, game just arrived today.

  3. A. King says:

    I’m going to be looking around Walmart for a couple of those figures.

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