Mattina Covers Spawn #284

Thanks to Ken M. for the heads up.
Spawn #283 (available on eBay) had a feeding frenzy when it was announced Mattina would be doing the regular and black and white variant. The book quickly shot up to $20 and has dropped back down to the $5-7 range. Well, Spawn #284 (available on eBay) has a better looking one.
Spawn #284 (available on eBay), out March 28th, has a Francesco Mattina A and B cover. In addition, it features the new Violator.

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      1. Either way.. it’s a quick edit (couple of clicks) in Photoshop so they can bank more money from the masses..

  1. Unknown comics books is extending the open order through Monday, including the Cover C virgin variant. $1.99 for a Virgin cover…not a bad deal. I see Sad Lemon is doing the same.
    Looking to see if any other retailers out there offering cover C?

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