Advance Review: Jazz Legend #1

Martin Comity is a talented trumpet player. But like all good Jazz musicians he can’t seem to stay out of trouble; loves the women, loves the booze, and loves the drugs. He is in for more than he expects when he tries a new drug called New Blue. Cosmic horror and Jazz music meet in Scout Comic’s Jazz Legend #1.
I have been a fan of Lovecraftian horror for many years now. The idea that Elder Gods exist, and they could care less about us, or bother with us, and think no more of us than we do stepping on an ant.  Jazz Legend #1 mixes elements of Lovecraft and Noir into a well crafted tale of very broken people.
Jazz Legend focuses on Martin, a trumpet player who lives the jazz lifestyle. He is hard drinking, womanizing, drug using, and runs afoul of a local club owner and her bodyguard. When we first meet him he is passed out in the gutter. After a show he gets a new drug called New Blue that takes him on a strange trip to a cosmic landscape filled with monsters that would do HP Lovecraft proud.
We also meet Benjamin Way. Benjamin is a writer who is working on a book called “Jazz God Hell”. Like Martin, Benjamin is no angel, with vices of his own.
Martin sees Benjamin during his trip on New Blue. Martin also seems to be the subject of Benjamin’s book.
Jazz Legend #1 is a surreal, trippy, and gritty comic that leaves the reader wondering what is real and what isn’t. Has Martin’s drug induced vision unlocked something in his brain, or is he just following the storyline typed out by Benjamin.
Jazz Legend is a 6 issue series written by JC Lacek with art by Vasco Duarte and Cristian Docolomansky. The series starts May of 2018.

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