Poyo’s Spec and Drek for March 14th, 2018

Happy Pi Day Everyone, well, tomorrow will be pi day! It’s the first slow week of 2018, at least that’s how it seems. That won’t stop us from spec’ing and drek’ing now will it?

I actually missed the last two weeks at the local shop. One due to shipping delays, the other due to camping in RV in New Mexico to ski a few days while the kids were on spring break. I’ll pick vacation over comics any day of the year. I did however only fall once while skiing and it was the dumbest way possible. Lost my footing on some packed ice before getting onto chair lift and busted my arse real good.

Enough about my ball busting ski vacations, lets get on with the picks and the crap you should avoid as well.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Just not a whole lot going on with DC this week. Pick up the Supergirl Artgerm variant (available on eBay) for the PC but beyond that and unless there’s some spoiler awaiting, this week’s pick goes to Scooby Apocalypse #23 Zombie Cover B.
I actually stopped picking these up around issue #10 as I wasn’t getting around to reading them.
My local shops seem to go light on this title. Not a whole lot of Scooby fans out there like there once was so if you see a copy, grab it if you like Scooby and don’t pay premium for this if you can’t find it locally. It’s definitely the type of book you can wait and the prices will come back down eventually.

I don’t expect this one to stay hot if it does and I don’t see it commanding over $10 at max but it’s still a great cover if you ask me.

Marvel Pick

I knew it was Banner from the get go. I think the green gave it away and how he was mumbling he can’t control himself.

So this weeks pick goes to Avengers #684 (available on eBay). Lots of things going on in this Marvel title that’s been on fire from the beginning of 2018.

New characters, new villains, new twists and plots. It’s been great for us speculators for sure.
This issue brings back Banner as the Immortal Hulk so I’m anticipating we’ll be seeing a lone title of Immortal Hulk eventually as well.

Indie Pick

Indie books are the best books. Where writers and artists can do what they want and how they want. No strings from overlords telling them what they should write or what they should draw. It’s total creative freedom which I think results with the best work.

This weeks pick goes to Malefic #5. This has been a great read so far. The artwork is great as well, love the black and white with shades done in this book.

This isn’t a spec book or will heat up, it’s just a pick for pure entertainment.

Small Publisher Pick

This next book could be a hit or miss. If done right, it sounds like it could be a fun read. If done wrong, well, people stop buying it and it vanishes quickly.

This weeks small publisher pick goes to Betrothed #1 from Aftershock Comics.
I wasn’t a huge Sean Lewis fan but I really enjoyed “The Few” he did under Image Comics.
So this one is a definite check out but I’ll leave my expectations on the lower side of the spectrum.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

I hate doing this again to this writer/artist but this weeks avoid is Dry County from Rich Tommaso.

I just can’t get into his style of writing. It’s just weird most of the time. It’s hard to follow and even this description claims he’s taking a short hiatus from Spy Seal.

There’s only been 4 issues released of Spy Seal. I don’t know about the rest of you all but that just sounds like Spy Seal isn’t coming back and Rich has moved on to another project for the quick flip in hopes a new book catches on while the others he has going on are taking a dive into the deep end of the pool.

13 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for March 14th, 2018”

  1. I stopped picking up Scooby Apocalypse around #18 or #19, for the same reason not being able to read them, but they are waiting in a longbox for me.

    1. I only read the first 2 issues or so. I figured if I ever find the time I’ll just go with the TPBs.

  2. Im pretty sure that it has been confirmed that the Immortal Hulk will be getting his own title under that very handle. Ive been back into comics for 3 and a bit years now, and Ive been dying to read a Banner Hulk title the whole time. WTF took so long, Marvel. Jeez.

    1. I met Greg Pak right when they launched Totally Awesome Hulk and the first thing out of my mouth was…. “When’s Banner coming back?” He just smiled at me.. then I went to greet Marjorie Liu, getting all my Monstress books signed.. 🙂

      1. Thats funny. Im picturing you saying that to him with a complete poker face and serious inquisitive tone in your voice. Lol

        1. Oh for sure.. It was me being totally sarcastic but very serious at the same time. He was cool though, very cool. I like Greg Pak.

    2. youre telling me this, or is it these, hulk(s) running around the past few years have not been banner? Wow, I’m outta the loop…I’ve always struggled follow marvel continuity other than Spider-Man. But after brand new day I lost interest there too.

      1. Banner lost his hulk ability to Amadeus Cho a few years ago. Banner was then murdered by HaWkeye in the Civil War II event. Banner had been around, but he didnt have his own book and he has not been the Hulk since i started reading comics 3+ years ago.

      2. You couldn’t tell from the cheesy hairdo and smiling Hulk on the covers? Hulk should be dark. Hulk doesn’t joke around.. when Cho took over Hulk, I never had any interest cause Hulk should not be cheesy like Cho made him out to be.

  3. I’m actually looking forward to Dry County. It looks like a crime type book and I love those. Also I thought Spy Seal was a mini. Was it supposed to be longer?

    1. To my knowledge Spy Seal was ongoing. The description for Dry County even claims he’s taking a hiatus from it to do Dry County.
      I love crime drama as well but I just can’t get behind Tommaso’s writing. Dark Corridor was also a crime type of book and story, which was a total letdown for me. I couldn’t even finish the first issue I thought it was that bad.

  4. I still need to find Malefic#3. I had pre-ordered #1 & 2, but wasnt sure I would like it until it came out. Read the first one and liked it, so I could pre-order #4 & up. I’ve got 4 & 5 now, but still haven’t found a copy of #3 to continue reading! It will be interesting to see what the Collectibles market looks like in ten or twenty years when so few copies of these low print run books are available. Even mainstream titles only doing 10,000 to 20,000 copies per month you would think are going to become scarce, if people actually start seeking them out. And not every copy lands in a collection. Some are going to casual readers; or lapsed collectors who put them in yard sales or give them to someone who doesn’t really want them and they land in the trash can!

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