Quick Spoilers: Avengers #684

Avengers #684 (available on eBay) is out this week. It features the return of the Incredible Hulk full first appearance of the Immortal Hulk. In addition to the return of the Hulk, we get a look at Voyager’s true origin. Spoilers follow. The Spoiled Image is redacted behind a spoiler warning. The accompanying text is not. Proceed only if you are ok with spoilers. 
First up, the book is very Banner and Hulk driven. However, it appears that Banner may not be the one driving the Hulk.
The mystery of “Who is Voyager?” is answered. No, she is not the daughter of a scientist whose experiments went haywire and created a new superhero. Turns out her father is:

So I guess that makes the Challenger her uncle since the Grandmaster is her father.

18 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Avengers #684”

    1. If she continues to stay a prominent figure in the Avengers universe, then I think it has no effect. If she kind of vanishes in the wind and they move on without her being a prominent figure or villain or hero, then I say all these latest books become dollar bin books eventually.

      1. Wow. Strong words.
        Need to research the difference between and Incredible Hulk and an Immortal Hulk…other than one can’t die.

      2. I don’t get it either the Hulk has died like 4 times. Don’t see how him coming back makes it any different of a character or a 1st appearance.

      3. It just means with a new name comes new marketing and more money for Marvel…until it doesn’r make as much $$$….Then they kill him off…..again……That = more $$$. Marvel/Disney really just likes money. I don’t think they care about much more than that. Also, I am not fond of the Red Hulk either. I have a bunch of his first appearance in case Marvel puts him on the big screen or something, but if they don’t and they “kill” him off, I wouldn’t complain.

      4. …Maybe Marvel can do a story line where the surviving members of the Village People (just in case any have died) track down and kill the Red Hulk. I would read that.

  1. I think this increases the popularity of Voyager, as now she won’t be hated for the retcon of Avengers history, and can now show courage. Also this book could do well with the first appearances that it contains.

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