Blind Adam’s Hidden Gem Vol. 77

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you everyone for reading this each and every week. Lets all hope we have sceen the last of the winter snow for this year. I will be opening a comic book & cosplay show room in New York City, more details to come in the near future . We will be doing that cosplayer pizza party soon enough. It will be amazing and sexy.  Superman #42, Deathstroke #28#29 (available on eBay) , Batman White Knight #6,Batman #42 (available on eBay) were my reads of the week. Lucifer & Jessica Jones are my television shows to watch. (Damn you Netflix as that Patsy Walker song is stuck in my head.) And what a time to be alive that you can go to McDonalds and get yourself the Rick and Morty Szechaun Sauce (available on eBay) . It is amazing, now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that
1. VENOMIZED #1 FRANCESCO MATTINA COMIC POP EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER (available on eBay) – my mentor and best friend, Lauren Becker, who took a young blind kid from the streets of Washington Heights and taught him the comic book game, does it again with his killer Mantina venomized variant. This is the only Venomized variant you need. If your at C2E2, go find the Comic Pop Collectibles booth and buy a copy or five of them. Tell Lauren, Blind Adam sent you.
2. Rick and Morty #35 Pickle Rick Amazing Spider-Man #300 Brain Trust variant (available on eBay) – for everyone fighting over Rick and Morty Presents the Vindicators #1, this is the  first comic book appearance of Pickle Rick, although on a cover, and it is a homage of Amazing Spider-Man #300, first appearance of Venom. Rick and Morty, $75 and up
3. Rick and Morty Presents the Vindicators #1 ECCC Variant and Blank Variant (both available on eBay) – some of the hottest variants at this years Emerald City Comic-Con was Rick and Morty, the first full appearance of Rick and Morty’s hottest new character, Pickle Rick is in this. You could get a Summer fighting Pickle Rick sketch on the blank $40 for the blank and $150 up for the Variant.
4.  Rick and Morty #37 Uncanny X-Men #141 Homage Variant (available on eBay) – Question, is Rick and Morty the new Adventure Time? Rick and Morty does it again with this homage to Days of Future Past variant $15 on pre order
5. Adam Strange #1-3 (available on eBay) – Krypton airs on SyFy in two weeks. Adam Strange is one of the main heroes on the show. This is the first adam strange series that was his own. It has early art by Adam and Andy Kubert and these books are cheap $2-5
6. Mystery in Space #102 (available on eBay) – final Adam Strange appearance in Mystery in Space. I can see krypton doing well as that trailer is great $10 and up
7. Mystery in Space #53 (available on eBay)  – first Adam Strange in Mystery in Space. Nuff said. Krypton TV show. TV spec forever
8.  Swamp Thing #57#58 (available on eBay) – Alan Moore Swamp Thing with an Adam Strange appearance. Great classic stories. Krypton. $10. Come on Alan Moore cast your magic on me, please?
9.  Mystery in Space #75 (available on eBay) – Adam Strange rejects membership into the JLA.
10.  Hawkman #18 (available on eBay) – Wow a Hawkman comic you can read without referring to Wikipedia. Hawkman is confusing to read in current times. Thank god for silver age comics this features Adam Strange and Hawkgirl. cheap silver age fun. $10 and up
11. Hellstorm Prince of Lies #14 (available on eBay) – Patsy Walker, Hellcat, commits suicide. Jessica Jones is #awesomesauce. Hellcat is becoming a cosplay all-star.  A cheap spec play and I hope in Jessica Jones season 3 we get Hellstorm, $1-3
12. Thunderbolts Annual 2000 and Avengers Annual 2000 (both available on eBay) – Clint Barton goes to hell to save his wife in this two part annual crossover. Patsy Walker returns from the dead as a result. Rachel Taylor does Hellcat perfect. Hellcat is on the rise. These are cheap annuals
13. Amazing Adventures #13 (available on eBay) – Patsy Walker works for the Beast, leads into Avengers #144 (available on eBay) where she becomes Hellcat. Jessica Jones $20 and up
14. Marvel Divas #1 (available on eBay) – Hellcat, Black Cat, and two other Marvel hotties. Marvel’s “Sex in the City”, now I would pay to watch this show I would even make this show. In dollar bins. JSC cover.
15. Defenders #89 (available on eBay) – Hellcat origin nuff said $5
16. Avengers #141 (available on eBay) – 1st George Perez art on Avengers first pre-Hellcat Patsy Walker. Great classic cover $10 and up
17. Defenders #44 (available on eBay) – Hellcat joins the Defenders. OK, I am a fan of Jessica Jones and Rachel Taylor as Hellcat it is not a crime or nothing. She joins the defenders in this issue $10
18. Giant Sized Avengers #1 (available on eBay) – first modern appearance of the Whizzer (worst super-name ever). Jessica Jones used the freaking Whizzer geanuis #awesomesauce these giant sized books are tough in high grade $10 and up
19.  Invaders #5#6 (both available on eBay) – origin of the Whizzer
20.  Marvel Premiere #29#30 (available on eBay) – Whizzer joins the Liberty Legion cheap bronze age
21. Sandman #75 (available on eBay) – final issue of Neal Gaiman’s classic. We are getting a Sandman Universe later this year so pick up all the keys $10
22. Kevin Keller #1 (available on eBay) – Riverdale is amazing, watch the show. Kevin is a great part of it. This is a cheap #1 and Kevin Keller started the modern Archie $5
well that is it for this week. thank you all for being the greatest blessing in my life. Getting ready to walk around the Cliffton Comic Expo tomorrow if I don’t wake up with another headache. see you next
blind adam out

22 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gem Vol. 77”

    1. Nerdstore or Brain Trust or whatever they are called are way over priced. If it wasn’t so expensive it would have sold out within a day or two, look at how quickly the last Frankie’s variant sold out.

      1. I collect ASM 300 Homage covers, so this is a must have for my PC for that reason. I just picked up 2. I always stay away from CX garbage exclusives and any of the online shops associated with those goofs, but i couldnt resist this Braintrust variant. I do not think Braintrust has any association with CX, I hope they dont.

      1. I’m holding of on judgement on CX until I get my ASM 796 Crain variant….if I ever get it (it’s been out 4 weeks and I have yet to get a response or email from my inquiries).

  1. That Rick and Morty cover is very tempting, but like a lot of others I have to agree…$50 right off the bat for a book with a 2K print run is way steep.

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