Avengers Infinity War Trailer Now Online

The teaser trailer hit yesterday. But now Marvel has released the full trailer for Avengers Infinity War, out April 27th. Check it out below:

23 thoughts on “Avengers Infinity War Trailer Now Online”

  1. People might rag on Marvel comics but yet they make some of the best movies though.. Oh yeah, I love the scene with Captain against Thanos..

    1. That’s the only thing I bad a problem with. Let’s be honest, Thanos could slap Cap into mush in comics standards.

      1. But honestly, Thanos does slap Steve Rogers dead in the comic once. Perhaps this is what happens, it’s Caps last stand to distract Thanos while someone else gets the Gauntlet from him or something. Maybe in this movie we find Captain America dead..

  2. randomness…..iron man 55…..1st thanos….how much or how high can this comic go three years from now….in a 8.0 or higher condition??

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