Donny Cates Blood Bath Wednesday: Spoilers Babyteeth

Babyteeth #9 is in stores today. Donny Cates promised the death of a major character in one of the three books he has out today. Here is part three:
Babyteeth is the story of Sadie, and the Anti-Christ that she gave birth to. She is helped along by her father, as well as sister Heather, the three of them pretty much sum up the “major characters” in the book. So… One has to die. Donny Cates Blood Bath Wednesday concludes.
Even though she knows that her nephew is the antiChrist, Heather is still a good aunt.

Not that it does her any good.

And there you go. A major character death in every Donny Cates written book this week.

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    1. It was kinda implied she lived quite i while. I stopped at issue 7 to trim the list a bit but i kinda wish i hadnt.

      1. I stopped after 6 to trim the weekly pulls. I was enjoying it but felt it would suffer now that hes at Marvel. Maybe this death, my point and AKings comments are related somehow.

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