Spoilers: Mighty Thor #705, Death on Her Terms.

Mighty Thor #705 is out tomorrow.
We all knew Jane Foster’s time as Thor was coming to an end. She has had cancer for a while now. The current storyline is entitles, “The Death of Thor”, so the end coming shouldn’t surprise you. The question has been, “how would she die?” Would it be some unbeatable opponent? The Cancer? Some mystical creature? Nope.

Spoilers ahead. The spoiled images are spoil protected. Just click on the spoiler warning. The accompanying text is not redacted. Proceed at your own discretion.
We pick up on the surface of the sun.
Now we know. But she doesn’t go alone.

The Unworth Thor is shocked.

He doesn’t take it well, but Jane Foster stays stoic.

And the beginning of the end.

And the end.

So we see, Jane Foster goes out on her own terms.

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    1. Both of my parents had cancer. My father had multiple bouts of lung cancer resulting in a full lobectomy of his left lung and my mom had leukemia, which was a very aggressive form that she thankfully beat, I do not take offense to Marvel giving Jane Foster cancer and didn’t think of it as a plot device. I think they portrayed it fairly tastefully. But in the end, Jane beat cancer and went out on her own terms.

  1. As bad as some of complaints on Marvel books have been in the past few years this book has consistent well written books.

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