Poyo’s Spec, Drek and Picks for March 21st, 2018

Each week tons of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Oh snap.. that’s how Anthony starts his weekly picks. My Bad!

I’m here to tell you what to spec on, read or even to avoid. Honestly not a whole lot to spec this week but definitely some winners in the reading category. Then there’s that dreaded drek and avoid pick. The books you shouldn’t waste your money on (unless you just have so much cash that you love losing, then you can just skip my avoids and buy whatever makes you happy).
DC/Vertigo Pick

I’m with Anthony this week.

I’m not a Green Lantern or Lanterns reader not do I usually pick these up (even if they might heat up) but this art is cool by Brandon Petersen.
There’s that Middleton guy who does a lot of Aquaman killer B covers as well that shouldn’t be missed but this one wins me over this week for DC since not a whole lot else seems to be happening.

So if you find a Green Lanterns #43 Cover B, grab it for the PC or long term hold. I’m not anticipating this will be a huge flip or spec but over time could result in a nice $8-$10 flip (unless of course you want to keep it and cherish it forever).

Marvel Pick

Thanos Thanos Thanos. Donny Cates is making Thanos cool again. Okay, Thanos was already a cool villain so he’s making him even cooler.
Lemire did a great job before Cates but so much is going on that is ruffling Marvel fanboys feathers to gobble up these issues ever since Cosmic Ghost Rider appeared.

So of course, this weeks pick goes to Thanos #17. Who doesn’t like themselves a good Infinity Gauntlet cover?

Don’t forget there’s an ASM #796 second print hitting stands this week which could see some flip potential but 2nd and 3rd prints are hit or miss. Those are the hardest to predict for me. I’ve lost more on gobbling up 2nd or 3rds with different covers than I’ve won. So approach with caution I say.

Indie Pick

Sci-Fi indie book you say? You all should know by now I’m a sucker for a good sci-fi independent book. That is why I am going with Infinity 8 #1.

I don’t expect this to heat up nor do I expect it to be a long term gamble profit maker. I’m picking this one up to read cause it sounds like it’s gonna be good.

Expect your local shops to go light on this one or not order it at all. Only one shop still orders most indie books in my neck of the country.
Anyways, the description for this book tells us more what we have in store:

A city sized space cruiser runs into a field of debris between galaxies, and it is up to the ship’s top eight security agents to figure out how to circumnavigate it. Investigating eight different parallel timelines, the agents uncover multiple plots that together could spell the end of the ship’s massive interspecies population ·The debut of a far out, pulpy, sci fi series of parallel adventures in the tongue in cheek tradition of the original Heavy Metal, but for a new generation. ·Eight different 3 issue arcs explore each of the agents parallel investigations, each by a different creative team of the most popular creators in France: Lewis Trondheim, Olivier Vatine Zep, Dominique Bertail, Fabien Vehlmann, Balez, Kris, Trystram, De Felici, and Boulet. ·Each 3 issue arc is self contained, but together they unravel the larger mystery. ·Conceived and directed by the legendary Lewis Trondheim and Olivier Vatine.

Small Publisher Pick
Like Indie books, small publisher books are just like indies but yet have a slightly bigger publisher behind them to market to the masses.

Not a whole lot going on so I’m throwing some love to Vinegar Teeth #3 this week. Which have been surprisingly harder to find for me. Seems my shops are not going heavy on these.

This has been a great read that mixes horror, zombies and humor all into one. I dig the art style as well which suits this title well. So if you missed out on this originally, hunt for the other two issues and give this a go. It’s been entertaining so far.

Now on with the dreaded avoid pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

I love you Artgerm but I’m gonna tell people to not buy your Thor Virgin Variant (not that it matters to you, you already got paid) at the jacked up prices. Save yourself money and just buy the version with the dressing. That’s unless of course you somehow stumble across this limited virgin variant at cover price, because I wouldn’t pay a damn penny over cover (excluding taxes of course) for Marvel to just remove the lettering and such from the cover.

That’s all I got this week. I finally saw Thor Ragnarok as well. Great movie, yay me for catching up with everyone else on movies.

10 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec, Drek and Picks for March 21st, 2018”

  1. Nice picks Poyo. The only one I don’t see on any of the lists this week is Babyteeth. Cates is rocking Thanos, but lets not forget about his baby who is destined to bring on Revelations. Not for spec really but definitely one for the PC.

    1. I’m behind reading Babyteeth but yeah, its certainly one to check out nut definitely not spec’ing anything Babyteeth. Even if it got optioned I’m not totally sure #1 would heat up much, print runs + crap ton of store variants killed the spec on this title.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one always catching up on comic movies. Having kids (4 & 3 yo) doesn’t help any. Still need to see Ragnorok.

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