FOC Highlight Books for Last Call January 29/30th, 2023

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering. Here’s a few of the highlights for this week…

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Thor #6 2nd Printing Cover Art

Thor by Donny Cates and Nic Klein is hot right now and as we saw Black Winter make an exit, I don’t think he’s out of the complete picture.

But at the end of Thor #6, Cates and Klein gave us a glimpse of Thor’s future, his death..  which has a lot of people talking.

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Poyo’s Trade and Hardcover Picks of the Week

We shouldn’t just collect or flip books, we should also read them. A good story can make your purchase well worth the money spent if you ask me. After all, we buy books to read for entertainment right? Even if you can’t flip them, reading is just as rewarding.

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Poyo’s Spec and Drek for April 11th, 2018

New comic book day is upon us once again. The day we comic collecting nerds and comic flippers look forward to each and every week. Even slow weeks, we still find ourselves heading out to the local shops in hopes of landing some great books.
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Poyo’s Spec, Drek and Picks for March 21st, 2018

Each week tons of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Oh snap.. that’s how Anthony starts his weekly picks. My Bad!
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Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 31, 2018

The fifth Wednesday of the month, the lame duck Wednesday we should call it. The day most publishers put out crap or nothing since they try to schedule their monthly releases based on the normal 4 weeks per month.
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Infinity War Spec with some Guardians of the Galaxy Spec thrown in

Nicc T. writes for Infinity War has jumped up in price overnight. Copies are flying off eBay. Here is an additional book to look at in relation to Avengers Infinity War and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
Since the Infinity Gauntlet was shown way back in Thor, and when we saw Thanos after the Avengers, I have been grabbing up copies of Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade. We’ve seen rises of Infinity Gauntlet after people realized the gauntlet was shown. Even more now since Josh Brolin held it up at the comic con. Marvel announced that the third installment of The Avengers will be called Infinity War, which has sent the full sets doubling and then some. Previous sets would go for anywhere between $10-$15 some maybe topping at $24.99. That number now on eBay is rising above $60 and will surely go up.
So why are we leaving out a wonderfully awesome series such as Warlock and the Infinity Watch? The cover is fantastic, it ran for a respectable 42 issues and it is clearly stated on the cover as, “The Aftermath of The Infinity Gauntlet”. This comic is beyond cheap at the moment for 1-2 dollars and it’s a direct tie-in to the events that will be happening in the movies.
This is very undervalued. The set even more so. Get in while the getting is good.
On a side note, there was a seller who had listed 266 copies of Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1. One sold almost instantly. And then someone bought the other 265 copies after the announcement of the Infinity War movie.
Not only does this tie into Avengers Infinity War, the book also is tied potentially to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The book focuses on Warlock, whose cocoon was shown in Guardians 1, so it may have been more than just an Easter egg. Warlock could appear in the second Guardians movie. He is closely tied to Thanos, and it would make sense that he and the Guardians could cross over into Infinity War. But more than just Warlock, Gamora and Drax, who were both main characters in Guardians also star in this book. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to see the characters from Guardians appearing in Avengers Infinity War.

Speculating the Marvel Cosmic Universe movies

Sometimes you have to look at the end game to be a little ahead. One thing is clear, Marvel is branching off into more cosmic movies being Spearheaded by the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Continue reading “Speculating the Marvel Cosmic Universe movies”

Marvel’s Infinity #1 sells out at distributor level

Marvel was very proud to announce that Infinity #1 sold out at the distributor level. Selling out through Diamond Comics does not mean you will not be able to get this book in your local comic shop, but when there stock is gone, it’s gone.

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Larry’s Comics Market Report 5/8/13



Larry’s Comics Market Report
Every Tuesday Larry Doherty from in Lowell, MA puts out a market report of books that are selling well in his shop and books that are heating up the secondary market. He also speculates on new books. (We tend to think most of the same books are worth picking up.) We will be running his mini-blog post each week. (This week he was a little late sending it out) Here is this weeks:


Hey guys,
here is my shops weekly report for 5/7/13. It contains A LOT of recycled information because it’s weekly & the market doesn’t change that fast. Enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously.

Top ten Regular issue new comics by sales:
Here is the top ten list of actual sales in my shop. These are our just one shop out of 1,900’s actual sales.

#1 – Age of Ultron #7. “Alpha Dog” BIG chenges to the Marvel Now status-quot.
#2 – All New X-Men #11. Fans like the old “new x-men”.
#3 – Superior Spider-Man #9. Peter. Doc Ock. Peter. Doc Ock. Peter. Doc Ock.
#4 – Detective Comics #20 . Batman is DC’s only top seller.
#5 – Thanos Riosing #2. Easily one of Marvel’s top villians .
#6 – Ten Grand #1 . Indy “rock star” of the day with three covers..
#7 -Aquaman #19. Once John’s leaves so will readers!
#8 – Indestructible Hulk #7. Mark Waid plus Walter Simonson = $.
#9 – Iron Man #9. Lame part one of “Secret Origin of Tony Stark”.
#10 -Action Comics #20. The Superman Icon is on life support.

Honerable mention: Archie’s Sonic / Megaman crossover has been a top seller
Top “ten-ish.” Regular issue new ( last year ) comics by aftermarket:
Modern comics that are seeing aftermarket activity. Ebay, Amazon, CGC boards, Bleeding Cool, Lyria comic Exchange, conventions & my Phantom retailer network of 25+ shops are the primary source of this information. Not the top selling books in comic stores, rather the currently published, modern books that are selling above cover price for a variety of reasons. Prices are so volatile, in some cases they are out of date upon publication. This is just a guide, you figure them out. It’s simple, search E-Bay under completed auctions:

Hoax Hunters. The latest recipient of Hollywood love.
Rachel Rising #1. Yeah, rising in price due to TV rumors. Up to $200
Pilot Season Declassified #1 & The Test #1. TV development is stirring interest.
Uber #0. Nazi shock violence for the sale of shock violence
Polarity #1. This band tie in dual collectable.
East of West #1
Quality new mythology has this on everyone’s radar.
Nowhere Men Fabulous word of mouth. Under-ordered. Settling.
Peter Panzerfaust. Rumored stop motion animated show for BBC Low Print run.
Helheim #1 regular #1. Obscure indy publisher. Low print run. Killer material.
Injustice #1. This video game tie in hasn’t even begun. Great word of mouth. $25
Hawkeye. Recent trade release should quiet down this back issue juggernaut.
The Sixth Gun. NBC TV show has put the spotlight on this indy gem.
Mind MGMT. The recent movie development news has fans scrambling. #1-$50
Saga. This is the title defines the recent Image revival. #1-$75
Five Ghosts #1. Positive word of mouth.


Top ten “ish” up & coming modern Key issues.
Modern comics that are just starting to see aftermarket movement. Books that were recently not in demand, and are finally experiencing aftermarket activity for a variety of reasons.

Spawn #9. First appearance of Angela.
Dark Knight Returns #2. First full in costume Carrie Kelly.
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 vol 2. Fans are starting to focus on this affordable #1
Wolverine #166. 1st appearance Dog
Uncanny X-Men #282. First Bishop. The second print is tough to find.
Guardians of the Galaxy 24 & 25 (vol 2), return of Thanos.
X-Factor #5 & 6. First Apocalypse. Rumored villain in upcoming X-movie
Batman #7. First full appearance Harper Row. Rumored new Robin.
Captain America vol 5 #6. First full appearance of the Winter Soldier
New Mutants #16. First Warpath $10
Top ten modern Key issues at my shop.
Modern comics that sell off my wall constantly. My shop sales are primarily new material, & my back issue sales tend to be related. I have a waiting list for most of these books.

Kimota! All Miracleman issues have been flying amidst Marvel rumors.
Walking Dead #1. The undisputed king of the modern era. Actually ANY WD pre 100.
Marvel Super Hero Presents #18. Guardians are really heating up. $50+
New Mutants #98. 1st Deadpool. $100 king of the modern X keys.
Uncanny X-Men #266. 1st Gambit is always a $40 instant sale.
Uncanny X-Men #141 &142. Days of future past movie source
Captain Marvel #33 – Origin of Thanos $50
Incredible Hulk #271. 1st comic book App Rocket Raccoon. $50
Nova #1. The new marvel series has fans scrambling for this relatively inexpensive bronze age key. $40+
Batman Harley Quinn. Iconic Alex Ross cover $50
Infinity Gauntlet, War, Crusade, Abyss. Thanos, Thanos Thanos.
The Killing Joke. It’s simply the best Joker wall book in the 25 year history of my shop. $25
Batman Animated #12. Every Bat fan wants the first appearance of Harley Quinn. $85


My Top ten “ish” under-valued modern comics.
These are books I’m speculating will soon see aftermarket activity, & are currently under-valued in my humble opinion, some may even be found in the bargain bins. I want to buy these books on the cheap. They’re long-shots.

Action Comics Vol 1 #845 January, 2007. First modern day General Zod.
Hank Henshaw appearances. The new 52 version is coming.
Eric O’ Grady key’s: Irredeemable Ant Man #1-12, Secret Avengers #23 & #32
Marvel Red Sonja #1. Gail Simone is taking over Dynamite series.
Rom #1.
IDW just untangled the rights. If Nova & Ms Marvel can get hot, why the hell not Rom?
Starlord #1 the special edition 1982. first comic appearance of Star Lords father J’son of Spartax
Uncanny X-Men #172-3.Movie source material with Mariko Yashida
New X-Men #134. First Quentin Quire.
Star Brand #1. First New Universe & brand/tattoo: The Star Brand.
Thor #344. First appearance Malekith ( In upcoming Thor-2 movie )
Invaders vol 2 #1. First Dr. Nemesis
Uncanny X-men #317. First Blink. In upcoming X movie.
Marvel Point One. First Sam Alexander Nova
Battle Scars #1 & #6. First full Phil Coulson & Marcus Johnston.
The Invincible Iron Man #10. First Pepper Potts as Rescue.
Young Avengers #1. First Kate Bishop. My favorite Marvel female.
Ms Marvel #1. She’s rumored to be in Avengers 2 movie.
Ultimate Team Up #5. First African American Nick Fury in comics.
Captain America #157. first appearance of Viper
Batman Beyond Unlimited #3. First Luke Fox in comics. New Batwing. (The armor appears to be a Beyond armor prototype.) The first new 52 version of Luke Fox is Batwing #19
Deathshead appearances. Absolute quarter box fodder. I’m currently researching which to buy.

Top ten modern variant comics by aftermarket:
Variants are versions of the regular issue comic. They are NOT regular issue comics.
They are distributed / created for a variety of reasons.
Order incentive / retailer incentive, produced exclusively for shops/shows,events.
Publisher exclusive variants have become the norm these days.

Peter Panzerfaust #10 C2e2 variant $100+
Adventure Time Marvel parodies. Delightful. $35+
Star Wars #1 Alex Ross sketch.
Promo, limit one per Diamond account. $100+
Polarity #1. Strong debut. 1:10 $10, 1:25 $15
East of West #1 Forbidden Planet $30, ComicsPro/Ghost $15
Batman #1. Dc’s flagship title. $50
Nowhere Men #1 Thought Bubble, ComicsPro, CBLDF.
Skottie Young marvel Babys. fans simply adore these.
Hellheim #1 NYCC $50, ECCC $100
Blank sketch covers. There seems to be an insatiable need for these by auto / sketch seekers.
Five Ghosts #1 ECCC. $50+
Spawn homage covers.
Phantom variants. You know you love them. Generally sold $3.99 in shop sell for $10 online.
My pick of the week. The comic shipping this week that will be worth your valuable speculator y consideration, and why.

(W) Ghostface Killah & Various (A) Breno Tamura & Various (CA) Christopher Mitten, Ronald Wimberly
12 Reasons To Die is a brutal tale of gangsters, betrayal, and one vengeful soul hunting the 12 Dons who conspired his murder. Created by Ghostface Killah and produced by RZA, this hard-knuckled horror/crime hybrid follows multiple timelines – and multiple artists – in the quest for revenge.

It wasn’t my cup of tea as a read, BUT gangsta’s n rappers are gonna want it.

There are a bunch of variants.
The 1 in 4 looks like the one to grab.

A lot of people ask me why I like to speculate on modern comic books. Original Art, Gold, Silver & Bronze age comics are a much better investment. I’m a comic book fan, a voracious reader of new material. I love how new books set the pace for back issues. It is fast paced & never stagnant due to the constant release of new material. Right now modern comics are the petri dish of pop culture, comic shops the breeding ground.

I have been collecting comics since the 1970’s & been in the business of selling them since the 1980’s. I love a quality story & a great buy, equally.

I speculate on new comics every week. I always have & I always will. Purchasing modern comic books with the intent of making a profit is my hobby of choice. It’s impossible that every new comic week will generate a book of “Walking Dead class” potential, but it’s still fun to try to make savvy buys. You can sit back & wait for aces, or you can play the hand your dealt to the best of your ability.

Sometimes, I’m right. Sometimes I’m wrong, but I play every week.

If you enjoy this new micro-blog format of my weekly market report.
Please re-tweet it. Post it online.

Thanks to Jim Parente at Finar comics for his help with this weeks report.

If you notice a trend developing email me:


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Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder 4/11/13

One way to gauge how hot a comic is/will be is by the Advanced Reorder list from Diamond Comics. This is a list of books being most reordered by retailers before the publication date of the comic.

This week is a weird one as speculation wise there is not too much. Uber dominates the chart this week for single issues.

1. Doctor Strange The Oath TPB

2. Uber #0 Enhanced Edition – This is the second printing of the hot sold out book.  Avatar  books are greatly under ordered and this one sold out due to the demand and the fact Kieron Gillen is writing it. The Enhanced Edition costs $1 more at $4.99 but features 60 pages.

3. Thanos Rising #2 – Thanos is popular with his appearance in The Avengers movie and all things Guardians of the Galaxy being hot due to the upcoming GoG Movie.

4. Superior Spider-man #9

5. Age of Ultron #2 2nd printing

6. Iron Man #9

7. Amazing Spider-man #700 4th printing

8. Polarity #2 Boom Studios- 1st Issue flew under the radar and sold well now retailers are trying to stock enough of the second issue. Orders usually drop from the 1st to 2nd issue of a book as many people try the first issue and may not continue to pick it up.

9. Wake #1 DC

10. Avatar the Last Air Bender TPB Vol. 5

11. Ten Grand #1 Image- This is the big speculator book of the list. JMS returns to monthly (single issue) comics with the launch of this book. Art by fan favorite Ben Templesmith.

14. Image Firsts Peter Panzerfaust #1 – Try buying a first print of PP for under $300 any more is almost impossible. There was a second print which also commands big bucks.

15. Regular Show Phantom Variant #1 Boom Studios- This is a must buy in any cover. Just look how well Adventure Time did.

25. Ten Grand #1 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Image- See #11