Reprint of ASM #300 Gets a Reprint

True Believers Venom Vs. Spiderman #1 (available on eBay) came out a few weeks back. It is a $1 reprint of Amazing Spider-man #300. At this point, pretty much anything Venom or Spider-man is hot, so it is no surprise that the book sold out.
The reprint is selling for $2-$3 bucks on ebay. Not too bad all things considered. But to get to the point, Marvel has gone back to press with True Believers Venom vs Spider-Man 2nd Print.

The 2nd Printing features a slightly washed out background, more yellow/orange than red like the original. Copies of the reprint have sold for $2 on eBay already. Crazy world but there are people who collect ASM #300 homages.

10 thoughts on “Reprint of ASM #300 Gets a Reprint”

  1. I pre-ordered three of these: a reader for me and then a copy for each of my young boys to absolutely destroy. >:D I’m looking forward to reading it with them for the first time.

  2. It would’ve been nice if they had Ditko do a 300 homage cover of an old school Spitder-man in that pose…or something like that…He’s quite old but I believe he is still alive.

    1. He’s 90 so he’s likely getting his pampers changed while drooling on his bib. That’s what I plan on doing daily when I’m that old.. 😉

  3. Just pre-ordered a few of these. I think I’ve only seen these go to 2nd print only once before. Maybe this one will get a third.

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