Weekend Spec Catch-up

There have been a couple of recent movie related spec’s worth talking about. Some more recent, some older (a week or so that we haven’t talked about here) to wrap up. Let’s jump right in.

The Deadpool 2 trailer came out this week.
Deadpool officially mentions X-Force by name in the trailer, in a pretty cool scene (Domino accuses him of being derivative.) X-force first appears as a team in New Mutants #100 (available on eBay) .
Alana had mentioned in the comment section that X-Force #116 (available on eBay)  and was cheap on Amazon, until some people grabbed copies. This is because of a story that ran on Comicbook.com a little over a month back that started people talking about Zeitgeist being in the trailer.

This is not the only spec related to the trailer or the Deadpool movie.
IMDB.com recently updated their Deadpool 2 cast list to include that Terry Crews (Idiocracy, White Chicks) will be playing Bedlam. Bedlam first appears in Factor X #1(available on eBay) , the Age of Apocalypse series from 1995.
There has been a lot of talk about who the kid in the trailer is. A lot of people are mentioning he could be Genesis (AKA Kid Apocalypse, and not the 1990’s character) for first appears in Uncanny X-Force #7 (available on eBay) . He sure isn’t Hope. I am not sold on it but you never know, that is what makes spec fun.
Grab your copies of Astro City #1 (available on eBay) , as Deadline.com reported that FremantleMedia North America has acquired the rights to Astro City superhero comic book series to develop as a live-action TV drama series. But if you have been spec-ing for a while, you may remember it was optioned for a movie in 2010 by Working Title Films.
In case you haven’t heard:
Variety.com had news that Spike Lee was eyeing up a Nightwatch movie. The Spawn-looking character has gotten some heat on his first appearance (Kevin Trench) in Web of Spiderman #97 (available on eBay)  and first appearance (as Nightwatch) in Web of Spiderman #99 (available on eBay) . The price of the books have climbed up over the past two weeks.
New Gods #1 (available on eBay) has been getting some heat since it was announced the New Gods was getting a movie. Ava DuVernay has been tapped to helm. Variety.com reported this a little while back.
So that is the new and a little bit older catch up.

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      1. Cable #19’s Genesis is later found out to be Cables child who gets the powers of Apocalypse. It says Hope Summers is his Maternial Aunt. He also appears younger and smaller as Tyler not Genesis in Xforce #1 as his first appearance as Tyler. Personally I like both books for good first appearances so bought a copy of Uncanny Xforce #7 too.

  1. Whether it is fantastic or terrible—as his films never seem to be just okay but always one extreme or another—a super-hero movie directed by Spike Lee would surely be interesting!

    1. “Interesting” is a good word for it! We’ll see…I hope it is light on political and social issues and is just a fun ride.

  2. “If” New God does indeed go to the big screen more than likely Mister Miracle will be in it…If that’s the case Big Barda probably will too…. Mister Miracle #1 & #4 should be looked at as well. They have been heating up for a little while now but will shoot up if they are included.

    1. I don’t own Barda I have tried in the past just to much money that I would rather spend on different first appearances. I just got a cgc 7.0 Mister Miracle #1 $70 + $18 shipping this week I was happy to get it for what I did. Good grade good price and don’t have to Gamble on a raw copy. I also knocked Brave and the Bold #85 1st new Arrow off my Bronze Age list this week for $15, down to my last 3 Bronze Age books I want.

      1. $70 for a 7.0…that is a good price seeing how hot Mister Miracle has been getting! If he does appear in a film that will go way up. I don’t have any graded copies…bought four over the course of the last two years. Need to send the nicer ones in to be graded just in case. Did get lucky on a #4 a few months back. Seller had it listed as a VF+ for $49 with sipping. Think I snagged it a few minutes after it was put up. Right place at the right time. Under graded too. I can’t see how it would get lower than a 9.2 if I sent it in.

      2. As of writing this Ebay has two Mister Miracles #4s in fine condition for $70 each. Not too bad and if she makes it to the big screen that will seem like a bargain. I was tempted to pick one up but just bought an FF #48…that plus all these new first appearance specs put me waaaay over my budget.

  3. Need to dig out the copies of Web of Spider-man 97 & 99 I picked up a while back. They were super cheap back then…. Pleasantly surprised to see them selling for what they are. Just hope they don’t make him look like a Spawn-ish clone.

      1. Look at the interior of 97, Tony. There is no Nightwatch in that book. No costume, no name, just 1 panel of Kevin Trench. 99 has to be Nightwatchs 1st. I have both and have read them. Other sites are pumping 97 as Nightwatchs 1st but it’s totally misleading, imo. Full disclosure, I have 2 copies of each issue.

      2. 1st page is from 97. Next 4 pages are from 99. Let me know what the CHUniverse members thinks is his 1st, based off of those pages?

      3. I just noticed that 1 of my copies or WOS#99 has a printing error on the inside. The pages throughout the entire book are off centered and cut wrong. Check it out. Is this kind of error worth more in the market? Does anyone know?

      4. That’s awesome! Forgot how many sets I have of 97 &99, but they were cheap not too long ago…even with the shipping. thought I would be sitting on them, but since they are hot it is time to sell and keep one set for the pc.

  4. Some other sites are saying Xforce #82 is first Bedlem 3 years after Factor X #1. Read them both Factor X is definitely the book to get I think Xforce #82 is first appearance in 616 universe.

  5. I remember about 2 years ago diggin through bins for Infinty #10, 1st Thane. I dint know how many #8s i came across in those hunts, but i remember seeing a lot if them, and i passed on every single one. My brain hurts from trying to figure out all this new spec ftom the last 48-72 hrs.

  6. Here are the inside panels from Web of Spider-Man #97, which shows a 1 panel shot of Keven Trence. He has a few lines of dialogue introducing himself as ‘Trench’. They are followed by the interior panels of WOS #99, 1st Nightwatch. In WOS #99, we get several panels of Kevin Trench and dialogue and then the big reveal at the end where he is in full costume for the first time and announced himself as Nightwatch.

  7. Mister Miracle #4 is hot hot! The director of The New Gods movie is a Big Barda fan so forget about finding those cheap anymore.
    You missed the big one everybody is chasing, New Mutants Vol 2 #8 1st Surge. They’ve gone from $3 to $30 and up overnight http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5575053800&toolid=10001&campid=5337366000&customid=new+mutants&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dp2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xnew%2Bmutants%2B8%2Bsurge.TRS2%26_nkw%3Dnew%2Bmutants%2B8%2Bsurge%26_sacat%3D0

    1. You are right! I completely missed that one! Found one online for $4…plus shipping. Wouldn’t of even tried looking if I didn’t read your comment.

  8. Damn! The ship might have just sailed for me on Mister Miracle #4. Been thinking of getting one for years, but never thought there was a rush, as it was unlikely she would appear in a movie anytime soon. Oh well…

  9. Just picked up 3 copies of uncanny x-force # 7 for $3 each. 5 copies of new mutants #8 for $3.25 each and 1 copy of x-force 116 for $3. Not too bad of a weekend.

    1. I got banned from CBSI for telling people Nightwatch 1st appears in #99 and for saying you can still buy that Vampi Hughes set for retail from Frankie’s in big quantities and it’s not a $100 book set. Banned from a comic spec website for trying to save my fellow comic collectors from wasting their money on Webof Spider-Man #97 and paying $100 for a Vampi book set you can get from Kevin at Frankie’s for $55. I’m sure the person who banned me has an agenda and a stack of Web Of Spider-Man #97s and not #99s

      1. I saw that, Alana. Its ridiculous. Those CBSI guys always seem to have a hidden agenda. I would be weary of anything posted over there. Best do your own research 1st, as they tend to be misleading which leads me to believe theres an agenda too. SMH.

      2. There not all like that Topher is a really good and smart guy his write ups are good and informative. I also like the variant heat check articles because I don’t know much about past incentive variants and their market it’s my weak spot in comic information. I don’t collect them but still like the knowledge being in the loop. Even our own Mel is over there sometimes and I’ve been reading Mel variant write ups for years now.

      3. Of course you did. If you don’t agree with them they just throw you out of the club house. That will never happen at CHU.

    1. The Zeitgeist book is still alright because it contains other first appearances like Doop the reason I owned it to begin with. Nm#8 1st Surge The character isn’t even named in the film just Negasonics Asian girlfriend. The child is Rusty Collins Firefist, so the Genesis books are still nice first appearances but don’t pertain to the movie. Bedlem isn’t Bedlem according to the video. Again it’s 4chan stuff and last time it was wrong on Black Panther but hey the real villain of the movie sounds awesome hope he looks right unlike before. It is currently undergoing reshoots to add more scenes with the Xforce members because I guess the test screenings had some mixed reviews.

  10. Snagged WOSM 97&99 (x2 ea.) NM or better, $2.50 each. Not bad. Will look for more at some other shops this week. New Mutants 8 could be a tough one to track down. Also snagged a direct copy of WOSM 125.

  11. elana why the player ahte for cbsi?? to anyone here why the hate for cbsi?? I love those guys . go take a look at the amount of charity they do. look at the amount of money they have rasied for peoples families going through hardship. for fellow fans medical expenses . the amount of podcast entertainment they provide . they run a tight ship and take no b.s. I am so sick and fing tirede of watching them get trashed and blamed for everything . if you can’t take the heart the heat stay out of the dam kitchen . I love you all I jam very,very blessed for everything . I just don’t understsand this kind of hate for a great group of guys and girls buying selling and enjoying comics . and elana also thank you for the heads up on the thanos wallmart figures that was a great tip. I also think books like astonishing X-Men s#12-18 are great megawar head speculation books to pimp slap . but lets all just try and get along and keep our pimphands strong

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