Chris Stevens Shows off the Face of the Red Goblin for Amazing Spiderman #799

Our friends at the New York Collector Cave have put out some sweet exclusives. This go round they have Chris Stevens doing a close out of Red Goblin for Amazing Spiderman #799. Check it out below.


The Chris Stevens’ Exclusive for Amazing Spiderman #799 are limited to 3,000 copies and go up for pre-sale Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern. They are $14.99 each and only available at New York Collector Cave .


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20 Responses to Chris Stevens Shows off the Face of the Red Goblin for Amazing Spiderman #799

  1. Jeff says:

    The Red Goblin looks kinda aged. Hmmmmm

    • Anthony says:

      Aged. Like J Jonah Jameson aged? Comicxposure has an action figure cover coming out for 799 that has two replaceable heads. The problem is it is censored on their website.

      • Alana says:

        The censored cover is a strong indicator it’s not Norman. Anyone know JTC personally could ask him, Drunkwookie tell him you won’t buy anymore Star Wars covers unless he spills the beans. Lol

      • Anthony says:

        I have talked to people and tried to get them to spill the beans but no luck.

  2. Michael Cox says:

    Maybe the Vulture?

  3. Wells Floyd says:

    I really like this cover. I’d buy it simply for the cover alone, independent of spec value.

  4. Christian says:


  5. louierobm says:

    Sweet cover!

  6. agentpoyo says:

    Cool cover but I’m passing on it. I’m tired of the limited store print run exclusives for Marvel books. These have zero long term spec value to me.

  7. Dave says:

    I only. Up ese 3000 print runs if I like the book and cover. Agree they have no long term value. I used to think 3000 wasn’t a lot…but so many of even the most popular books can still be bought from the stores and even at discounts.

    Even the 600-1000 print runs are hit or miss…usually miss…and only the ones that are unique (I.e., DNM #3 Mattina, ASM 797 Homage) seem to have any real spec value.

  8. Lonzilla says:

    This is just too much with all of the store exclusives. Last time I went all in was with Spider-Gwen #1 and basically took a loss when I unloaded them. Enough already

    • Anthony says:

      I like these guys at Collector Cave. They hook up giveaways and we will be giving away copies of the book.

      • Dave says:

        I notice they sell some comic Xposure exclusives. How does that al work? How do they get CX variants and are able to offer them at the same price? Are they as bad about shipping and customer service as CX? As y can tell, I’m a bit jaded by CX right now, but I like some of the. Ariana’s Huey are putting out…

      • Anthony says:

        Shops trade variants. It is a pretty common practice. It is hard to sell 3,000 copies of a books so if you trade off a couple hundred copies between shops then you can have more covers to offer

      • Dave says:

        I am sorry about my autocorrect. Last sentence should be “I like some of the variants they are putting out”, meaning CX. Wish they’d be a little more on par with others like comic mint and frankies for their trade dresses with 3000 print runs ($15).

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