Spoilers: Rorschach's Origin and his ties to Batman

Doomsday Clock #4 is out in stores today. It features the origin of the new Rorschach. Overall, Doomsday Clock has been a great read, full of Easter Eggs to make DC fans happy. This issue, we finally get the goods on who Rorschach is.
The spoiled images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. Click on the images to see the spoilers.
We find out who Rorschach’s (Reggie’s Dad) dad is, giving away the full identity of Rorschach.

And we find out about Reggie’s Dad’s obsession.

The story switches back and forth between Reggie’s early life and his time in confinement. See, Reggie spent some time in a very famous DC
Reggie meets his new shrink.

Seems Reggie was placed in Arkham because of Batman

Seems Arkham is pushing Reggie towards something.

While in Arkham, Reggie makes friends with another inmate named Byron. Byron gets Reggie a Christmas gift.

Byron got all of his dad’s possessions for Reggie, and leads Reggie to escape.

Putting on the mask for a mission.

How the new Rorschach met Ozmandias.

And we find out there may be more to the connection between Reggie and Batman than we thought.

So, where your guesses about who he could be correct?

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