Alana’s Weekend Specs: Go Joe

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! Been awhile since I’ve written one of these, really not much new to spec on in coming movies and TV that we haven’t already covered long ago. Anthony has done a great job of getting recent specs out there for everybody as well. This week we have quite a few cheap specs with bright futures, as well as the new king of the Bronze Age to discuss. Also more Deadpool 2 spec. Let’s jump in!

Showcase #53 (available on eBay) – 1st GI Joe
There are very few underpriced Silver Age Books left out there, this one has to be one of the last undiscovered undervalued S.A. gems out there. 1st appearance GI Joe and it’s almost 55 years old find it for $20 unbelievably. Showcase is proving to be the premiere Silver Age DC book series to own eventually people will catch on to this book and other not so known first appearances contained in the issues of Showcase. I have to give credit to Topher for getting me to notice this book.

Thor #209 (available on eBay)  – 1st appearance Ultimus the Demon Druid
So this is a nice cheap Bronze Age spec! Ultimus has a new design looks like Thanos/Cable he’s the big bad of a new Mobile game Marvel Strike Force. The redesign and game appearance to me, means he will become relevant sometime in the future of Marvel comics. This book contains first appearance of some of the other Kree as well so this book could have a Captain Marvel film spec angle too. Ultimus would be a major test for Ms. Danvers.

New Avengers #35 (available on eBay)  1st Venomized cover.
You may have missed it in the comments section but Anthony mentioned this being the first official Venomized cover. Worth the $3 + shipping it can be found at. There is also a newsstand $3.99 cover price version of this one which is rumored to be extremely rare.

Marvel Spotlight #5 (available on eBay)  1st Ghostrider
Now this is a widely known major key book. The reason I mention it today, it’s the new king of Bronze Age! When most people think Bronze Age grail Hulk #181 pops into mind, but no more. With a 9.8 sale at $48,000 Marvel Spotlight has eclipsed the highest sales of a 9.8 Hulk #181. Look at the prices of low grade copies of both books and you will see which one has a lot of room to grow. High grades will be hard on Marvel Spotlight #5 as well as Thor #209 Black Bronze Age covers don’t do well over time and with handling.

Infinity Inc #34 (available on eBay)  1st Artemis
Written up in the past in a old weekend spec, Artemis Crock looks to be headed to the Arrowverse as Tigress. This book contains other first appearances so a solid cheap spec found in dollar bins. It is wrapped in an early Todd McFarlane cover to boot.

X-Factor #1 (available on eBay)  1st Firefist Rusty Collins
So this is a rumor of who the boy in the Deadpool 2 trailer is, Firefist. This book is also Cable’s 2nd appearance as a baby strengthening the rumors claim. Find it from $1 on up doesn’t hurt to have this Copper Age classic.

X-Men #12 (available on eBay)  1st Juggernaut
The second part of the rumor is Juggs is the main villain of Deadpool 2 as Black Tom has a small role. If this pans out to be true and Juggernaut is done some justice this time around look for this book to double price overnight. It has already been a steady gainer the last few years.

Nightmare #1 (available on eBay) 1994 1st own series
Nightmare is said to be the villain of the Dr. Strange sequel. Nightmare 1st appears in the pricey Strange Tales #110 1st Dr. Strange, but you can get the first issue of Nightmare’s solo series for $1 or less.

Infinity Gauntlet #5 and #6 (both available on eBay)
So from the many trailers of Infinity War it looks as some scenes are straight from the Infinity Gauntlet Books. If they follow the storyline and kill everyone just to bring em back the next film like what happens in issues #5 and #6 these are a good spec. Nebula gets the Gauntlet in these issues as well which may be the more important spec here. Looks to be a small snip of Nebula in one of the trailers preparing to confront Thanos. Would be a crazy way to end the Infinity War film with Nebula getting the gauntlet.

Strange Tales #138 (available on eBay) 1st Eternity
Also in Infinity Gauntlet #5 Eternity plays a big role. We did have a Eternity mention recently in Guardians of the Galaxy vol2. Could the Guardians get Eternity involved in the film?
So there you have it a new list to get your back issue bin fingers moving this week. I have a couple new weekly articles I’ll be pushing out sometime soon that will hopefully provide you with info you can’t find anywhere else, as well as tips for your comic collecting, buying, and selling needs. Thanks as always for reading and happy hunting!

9 thoughts on “Alana’s Weekend Specs: Go Joe”

  1. I think one also must consider that comparing Marvel Spotlight #5 to Hulk 181, we’re taking vast differences in number of likely readers back in those days. Hulk was much bigger character so I could only imagine there are 2, 3 or maybe 4 times the number of 181 available. So, smaller supply + new demand = more potential value.

    1. Keep in mind too that MS was a bi-monthly book so initial interest probably wasn’t so great.
      GR didn’t take off back issue wise until the 2nd series with Danny Ketch, you could get the entire GR MS run back then for $1-$2 each with #5 costing a whopping $5. Yeah I’m going back almost 30 years but still, fun to remember those days

  2. I’ve got a Marvel Spotlight #5 but it’s kind of beat, so I don’t know if I should have it graded or just try to flip it as is. I need to pull it out just so I can check it out again

  3. I bought my MS #5 way back in the early 90’s when color touch up wasn’t considered as big a deal…It’s a NM, but a restored NM. ..Was probably a VF or VF + before the flaws were covered up.

  4. At this point I would say any first appearance from any comic age is good to get. There have been more than a few C and D listers that have made their way to the big and small screen. Who knows what surprises Marvel will have in store, making once looked past characters into fan favorites. That’s why it is never a bad thing to pick up books like Strange tales 138 if you don’t have it already. No need to run out and get it this second, but cheap silver age first appearances are always a good thing….especially if they pan out down the road and show up in a movie.

  5. The Marvel Spotlight sale was over a year and a half ago. Why bring it up now? It’s all about supply and demand. There are 118 9.8 181’s vs only THREE Ghost Riders. Hulk 181 is still the boss of the Bronze Age and always will be, 181 beats it in every other grade except 9.6 (which they’re only $500 apart on) although there are many more 181’s in every grade.

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