Wednesday Winner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25

It is nice to walk into the local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer when by the end of the week the books are selling for multiple times cover price. These are the Wednesday Winners. Power Rangers #25 (available on eBay)  is on of them.

Sealed in a black poly bag, Power Rangers #25 (available on eBay) featured the death of a major Power Rangers character (if you haven’t seen it, the spoilers are here).

Inside the bag was the chance to get one of 6 regular covers, or a 1:25 variant. Unopened copies are selling for up to $25 on eBay. The break down of the selling prices of the individual covers are as follows:

Green Ranger Cover (available on eBay)  – $49
Red Ranger Cover (available on eBay)  – $30
Pink Ranger Cover (available on eBay) – $20
Yellow Ranger Cover (available on eBay) – $7-$10
Black Ranger Cover (available on eBay) – $20
Blue Ranger Cover (available on eBay) – $15-$20
1:25 Chase Variant (available on eBay) – $70-$100

Not bad for the $5 buy in.


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49 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25

  1. Will says:

    So to sell sealed or not is the question.

    • Anthony says:

      I cracked my last sealed copy open and got a pink ranger (the other one I cracked open was a green ranger and I am keeping that one) it’s a gamble to open but the odds are in your favor that it will be above the price of the unopened. My Pink Tanger cover sold in ten minutes. And that was well before I put up the post.

  2. Kevin verdine says:

    Damn you Poyo!!

    • agentpoyo says:

      Heh… I dont care they’re selling well on the secondary market… I’m not giving in on this tactic of the blind poly bag chase variants. Damn BOOM! for doing the very thing that destroys this industry.

      • Vann says:

        I’m with you. I actually wish this was a complete failure so they wouldn’t do it again. I’m still surprised this worked and sadly now expect others to follow suit.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I wish it was a failure but I wish all those flipping good luck though. Dont get me wrong, if I obtained some myself, I’d be selling them as well. My local shop didnt even have any on the shelves.

        I still despise the chase tactic though. This is the problem I have with these, if it becomes the norm, its going to do more harm long term than good. Enjoy this short term crud… But you people are giving BOOM! And now others good reason to do this on every special issue they put out.

      • Anthony says:

        Like winning.

      • Kevin verdine says:

        This is baseball card stuff. I’m with you Poyo but damn I missed out. I’m still waiting on a DC or Marvel Box like image did last year. If marvel did it, I would buy one.

      • agentpoyo says:

        If this becomes a norm in the comic book industry though, I’m out. Poyo’s picks each week would turn into nothing but Avoids each week. 😉

        I was surprised my local shop (I didn’t go to both since my buy list this past week was pretty small) didn’t even have any PR on the shelves. If they did, someone snagged the one or two copies they did have out cause that’s likely all they got.

      • Matt C says:

        Damnit Poyo why didn’t you tell us avoid Battlecats #1 and Factory #1 this week?? Midtown still has those available! lol

      • agentpoyo says:

        Next week I’m gonna tell everyone to just avoid their shops entirely and send me whatever cash they planned on spending. I had no idea you people actually listened to me. 😉

  3. John C Hull says:

    1992 all over again?

    • Anthony says:

      Power Rangers started in 1992 oddly enough.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Correction…. Voltron was ripped off badly in 1992 to create MMPR. 😉

      • Adam says:

        Started in 93.

        Agentpoyo: Common misconception. Voltron wasn’t ripped….Voltron was the one that did the ripping off. Go-Lion, the show that Voltron was adapted from, came out in 1981. Super Sentai, the show that Power Rangers is adapted from, started in 1975.

  4. John C Hull says:

    who gives a F about PR

    • Anthony says:

      A lot of people actually. The comic had been solid. Lots of people watched it and now are comic buying adults or adults who want to reconnect with what they were into as kids.

  5. Michael Cox says:

    Go Go power rangers #8 regular cover is the tough one to find now.

  6. JayClue says:

    I also passed on this on Wednesday as I try not to spec on BOOM! books, but i walkef into a small LCS late on Thursday evening and there was 1 polybag, 1 order variant and a 1 per store variant sitting on the rack. Paid cover for the poly and the match variant and $8 for the 1 per store. Sold the 1 per store for a nice profit within 12 hrs and then decided to open the poly. I got Red Ranger. Flipped that in about 30 minutes. SPOILER ALERT Green Ranger may be dead, but he lives on as Green Paper in my wallet.

    • JayClue says:

      My $8 investment on the 1 per store PR25 bought me a Cho ASM799 Trade dress unsigned (x3), a set of Marvel Milestones Editions of AF15, FF1, TIH1 and GSX1, Adv. of Supes #18 – 1st Doomsday and a 2nd Print of TAH22. 🤗. Jazz hands, baby.

    • Anthony says:

      I thought you were Canadian for some reason. If you were you would have said multicolored Money in my wallet.

      • JayClue says:

        Im 100% Canuck, Tony. Our $20 bill is green. 😉

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. Nice, I will take $20 all day long

      • JayClue says:

        $5 is blue, $10 is purple, $50 is Red, $100 is Brown, Id like to buy a hotel on Baltic Ave., and i dont know what colour our $1000 bill is, but i know it had a picture of all our Prime Ministers and they are having a party. 😉

      • agentpoyo says:

        I like Canadian money… Wish U.S. would do the same tactic with our bills by introducing plastic and getting rid of the paper bills. Its astounding how much money it saves the government each year not having to destroy the beat up bills to replace. I also wish we’d do away with all these dead Presidents mugshots on the bills. Put Lady Liberty back on them or people who actually made a difference in our lives like Einstein or Darwin.

    • Wells Floyd says:

      Lol, now that was nice

  7. Dave says:

    Sold one of my Moon Girl 29s for $10 plus shipping.

  8. Eric R says:

    As always, these posts are great reads. Dig some long box diving this week and found the following:
    X Force #82 (2 copies at $2 each)
    X Force 116 ($2-sold it for $17)
    Factor X #1 ($3)
    Power Rangers #25 stilled sealed for cover (sold that within 10 minutes of posting on Ebay for $25)
    New Mutants #8 ($5-sold for $25)
    Thanos #1 ($3.50-sold for $17)

    Not a bad weekend for specs-thanks Deadpool 2 and everyone’s great info!!!

  9. Stanley says:

    Good pick of the week on Morphin Power Rangers 25. Unexpected hits are sometimes the best. But I agree with agentpoyo that gimmicks might be bad for comic industry?

    • Matt C says:

      I think so. I got caught up in them when I first started collecting during the 90s bubble..they had those weird Marvel foil covers and ones bagged with cards I think that really aren’t worth so much now.

  10. A. King says:

    I passed on this. I got the first few issues when the series started but then I stopped buying them.

  11. whitedog1475 says:

    Crazy stuff, I walked into my comic shop, saw one left on the shelf and bought it, will open it tonight 🙂

  12. Jason says:

    After reading this, I opened the two I had (took listings down) and low and behold I had the chase and green variants. Now instead of $40, I will make much more when I flip them. Glad I read this post today.

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