New Comic Spec Review for April 4, 2018

Each week, Anthony from releases a video spotlighting the hot new comics of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery April 4, 2018:

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  1. What would be you’re top 5 on spec this week Anthony? Looks like way too much coming out for me to guess. I need a good week too. Been breaking even the last 2-3 weeks

  2. Anthony, how do you feel about the Trump books longer term?..have held on to a few different ones maybe for next election..
    Also, DC has brought out some new characters with Sideways, Terrifics, Curse of Brimstone..would those have any future spec value in your opinion? Thanks

    1. I dont see DCs new age of heroes having much spec value down the road. Unlesd one of these uninspired new heroes takes off among fans and gains some following, then that characters 1st, may be something to own. But i dont see any of these characters grabbing a foot hold in the market. They are all too uninteresting.
      I dont see the Trump books having long term increases, unless that buffoon ends up in jail (which that orange snake oil salesman should be). If/when he is impeached, his books may hold some value. As Tony has said before, we are unsure who is buying these parodies of the Orange Idiot, but people are buying them. My theory is that Democrats wouldnt waste their money on anything with the TrChump name on it, so it must be the Orange Idiots fan club buying these books, not realizing that they are actually poking fun at TrChump. Either way, they have been good flips for me.

      1. Thanks Jay for the feedback with the DC characters. I have Silencer and Terrifics, and the Brimstone cover is kinda cool looking. But yea I don’t want to overspend either if it has no future value lol

    2. Matt. I found they have been good short term flips and I am not holding any long term. I expect that I will end up getting stuck with some down the road.

    3. I got 1st issues just in case, but was discouraged to see the artists they were promoting for the New Age of Heroes books off of them after as few as 2 or 3 issues. I’d keep an eye on Sodeways, though. DiDio says that Grant Morrison is coming on for some future issues!

  3. Please don’t turn this into a political, bash Trump, website. There are already plenty of those. Let’s just talk comic books without putting our politics out there. This is the wrong place for that. And, no I am not a Trump supporter, but I’m definitely a comic supporter!

    1. No kidding…. Personally I like laws on the books being followed but that’s just me. I live in CA and criminal acts committed by illegal aliens is insane no matter what the news says. Trump may be a jerk but no one in a long while has attempted to enforce immigration laws …with a straight face anyway. Happy to see someone try. People can insult the president all they want but outside of his tweets he is actually doing a pretty good job.

      1. @OC…you need to check your sources and educate yourself with the truth. Your remark about inmigrants and crime is way off the mark. Youre afraid of something in your life and are projecting those fears into a false reality around yourself. National crime statistics, especially violent crimes, are at all time lows. It there has never been a safer time to be alive, in the history of mankind, than now. Here is some info on the low crime rates in California.
        Crime Trends in California
        California’s violent crime rate rose in 2016—but it remains historically low.
        California’s violent crime rate increased by 3.7% in 2016 to 444 per 100,000 residents. There have been other recent upticks in 2012 and 2015, but the statewide rate is still comparable to levels in the late 1960s. The state’s violent crime rate increased dramatically from 1960 to 1980, from 236 to 888 violent crimes per 100,000 residents—a staggering 276% rise. After declining in the early 1980s, the rate rose to a peak of 1,104 in 1992. Since then, violent crime has declined substantially. California’s violent crime rate is higher than the national rate of 386 and ranks 15th among all states.
        Sorry, Tony, for posting this here. But i can not stay silent about that type of racial ignorance and propaganda.
        My pick of the week is Batman!

      2. Funny how if one dares disagree with Jayclue the “ignorance” card comes flying out…No Jayclue, I have lived in Ca for over thirty years now and have seen education standards decrease while crime has gone up. Much of that IS because of illegal aliens and the financial burden they put on this state. that’s not ignorance, that right there is the truth….Maybe it is best you just stay silent since you have absolutely no clue as to what you are talking about and do nothing but vilify those who dare disagree with you.

      3. By the way you didn’t take into account that estimated 80% to 90% of crimes, especially violent crimes committed against illegal aliens in Ca are not reported to authorities. Roughly 15 million illegal aliens in the US with the bulk of them living in Ca… Add that and the fact that more crime is committed against illegal aliens than other groups of people you will quickly see how wrong and skewed your “statistics” are.That crime without question does spill over to other communities, where innocents are affected negatively every day. You don’t live through this year after year. You don’t see it day after day. You are just using media talking points to drive a narrative you obviously don’t understand.

      4. Im not vilifying you. I used statistical information to point out your delusional optics. You are stating your opinion, which has no statistical or informed information to back it up. The logic in your answer of ‘all the crime that isnt reported’, holds no water. Its circular thinking that truly has no meaning. If this violent crime isnt reported, OC, then how are you, just your average lay man, aware of these non reported crimes, but the National Institutes that report the statistics are not? I know you will not be able to recognize how your ‘stats’ on non reported crimes doesnt make any sense and is a basic, false logic remark. So, OC, you can spread your false info all you want, it doesnt matter to me. But let it be known that BS will be called out. This is not a platform for political discussion, nor is it a platform for your political propaganda. I will not comment on this thread again regarding this topic.

      5. LOL, for one it isn’t opinion, my statements are facts…but I guess living in Canada gives you all the insight, eh? What are these statistics you keep claiming? Are they from un- biased sources? Also, look up the percentage of illegal aliens that do not call authorities after crimes have been committed against them…No delusions here bud..Again I see it every day…All you see is what the news tells you to see thousands of miles away. Keep your head in the sand. I really don’t care. You’re opinion is yours and yours flawed as it is.

      6. Here is a link to the reputable sources i used.
        Please do yourself a favour and take the time to properly inform yourself.
        What are your sources, OC? Saying your opinion is fact, does not make it a fact. Again, your entire premise is contradictory to itself snd uses circular, non logic. You Still havent said why/how you, a layman, have statistalical data on crimes that are not reported. The fact that you state they go unreported, by definition, would mean you can not support your opinion with facts. Here is some sage advice for you, OC. It would do you some good to reflect on it. ‘When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.’

      7. I heard about a baseball player named Clark Kent. They say he has the strength of a thousand men and can fun faster than a speeding train. His baseball career was unreported though due to a fear that Clark might be different and if his career was reported he would be kicked out of the league. Hes the all time HR leader in MLB, but its not well known because it wasnt reported. Now, I saw him play everyday and ill tell you, that boy could play baseball, so OC, when anyone tells you that Hank Aaron is the MLB HR champ, you tell them that theyre wrong and that Clark Kent is the true king, but people dont know about his career because it wasnt reported. When they show you the recorded HR record that Hammerin’ Hank owns, you just laugh at them and tell them their stats mean nothing because you now know about the Legendary, unreported career of Clark Kent. I guess Clark played for the Cubbies or White Sox because if you were ti mention Hank Aaron to a baseball fan in Texas, that fan might not know who Aaron is because, after all, he lives thousands of miles away from Chicago. Because, you know, in todays age of interweb, it’s impossible to learn about stuff that you cant throw a stone at. ?
        This argument i just presented, uses the exact same line of reasoning you are attempting to pass off as facts in our discussion, OC. Opinions are not facts.

      8. *correction, I understand Aaron played in Milwaukee and not Chicago. It was late and I was thinking of Ernie Banks.

    2. Hi Steve. I am not really a political guy. So I do want to chime in. My liking the Trump books is because I have found that I can sell them easily for a profit. Not sure if the people buying them are for or against trump but I like cash. The noting of the books are not for political reasons. Hope that clears things up.

      1. I made a good chunk of change on the Hilary vs Trump coloring book…Still have a few….Trying to figure out how to get all involved (Trump, Hilary, Sanders) to sign it…Have a cousin, that even though retired now, who was an adviser for a top ranking Senator years back…Not sure what he would say if I asked him to send this around for some signatures….Oh, the look I would get! I’ve always been a bit of a black sheep on the family tree in a way so it wouldn’t surprise anyone. Might be worth a shot.

    3. I was more asking for short vs long term spec value as comics… wasn’t trying to get any debates going lol I know there are both sides out there and people who want these specific books as collectibles.
      For example, I held on to several copies of the “How Trump Stole Christmas” book thinking maybe it could heat up again for this year’s holiday season..I guess time will tell.
      By the way I haven’t found Anthony’s recommendations or posts to ever be based on politics though.

      1. I sold my, “How the Trump Stole Christmas,” comics for a decent profit back during the holiday season. I was too paranoid if Trump-comics would cool too keep any for the next/upcoming season

    4. I wont engage in political talk here, no worries there. And i agree this is not the platform for such discussions. But the subject was comic related (for the most part), and i will never hold back my disdain for that goof when I mention him. Tis all. PS Im Canadian, so, TrChumps small mindedness doesnt impact me, but I still think hes a goof by all measures.

  4. I pay thousands in shipping a year. A good portion of this goes to Amazon who’s shipping for one comic is usually 75-100% more than a media mail shipping charge on eBay. I pay tax on every purchase on Amazon. Imagine state taxes and increased shipping could be coming to eBay as a result of the attacks on Amazon, it would make ebay that much less desirable to use. Mercari has the best shipping rates from USPS anyways when it comes to medium sized items and their fedex rate for large teams is so insanely low. So if Amazon drops usps for fedex or ups then all usps postal rates will increase effecting everybody here. So when the president attacks something with false clams we all use to buy and sell with it may be up for a political debate here on CHU but other than that no reason to mention politics here.

    1. If Amazon starts their own delivery service like UPS and Fedex from the recent attacks then it’s a good thing because shipping will go down as price wars will start but USPS could then be doomed from that happening.

        1. USPS actually makes profit…. Their downfall or debt nowadays is paying all the pensions and such from past postal workers. They didnt think and plan accordingly years ago so now they’re stuck paying people now in retirment from what I’ve read.
          So bankrupt? Almost but they’re backed by government so they’ll never go away.

      1. Already have dedicated Amazon delivery people here. Probably cheaper for them to just use USPS for Hawaii.
        Most if not all my packages come from a Amazon Distribution center here in town and delivered by their contracted drivers.
        But that’s for normal retail items fulfilled by Amazon. I’d image most comics are being sold by 3rd party sellers on the Amazon platform.

    2. I don’t sell on amazon anymore because they charged way too much for shipping for sellers. I’m sure some of that is to discourage co petition with their items..
      I also thought if you generate more revenue, then you get more discounts. What business generates more revenue than Amazon for the usps??
      If they raise amazons shipping costs, it just comes back to is. The consumer…the we buy less, Amazon sells and ships less…and the USPS is right back to where it was…losing money
      Not sure singling out Amazon is the best solution…

      1. Machines delivering the packages? Awesome and scary. But seriously, I offer one day handling (most of the time) but have been falling short due to work getting in the way. I am not sure I have much feeling on it.

      2. HA! Sorry, not machines, but mechanism; meaning that if you are enrolled in the program and follow the 1 day handling, eBay will guarantee a delivery date to customers (depending upon their location of course). For sellers than are enrolled, they basically get a “bump-up” in the listing scale (how much I have no idea). This looks fine for 1-2 books, because you would have to use expedited or 1st class…but for other, larger lots, I can’t see how this will work in the sellers favor.
        I am wondering if this is just eBay pitting sellers against one another again to lower the average costs on shipping (ie sellers eating it) just to increase sales so they can get their customary 10-15%….
        Was just being curious as people are mentioning Amazon and no one has yet mentioned this new roll-out by eBay.

        1. Ebay messes with the shipping rules all the time. I just don’t pay them any mind most of the time. Ebay wants you to time warp the products to the customers, which will not happen. I am doing fine with not getting their bump up

      3. I agree with Tony about the shipping. Ebay has exploited their sellers by constantly increasing the hoops you have to jump through in order to get your selling costs down to 10% (which is still ridic high). I try to ship as fast as possible, but I completely ignore any messages i receive from ebay about shipping times. eBay is the bane of my existence.

  5. Pre ordered 3 or 4 red gobbies A cover. Also just got the shipping notice for the Greg Land variant. Ordered both covers of Batman…wasn’t sure if they were actually saying “I do”, but they look to be a connecting cover in a way…At Least the way they line up. May try to grab 9.8 potential copies (one of each cover) at my LCS as well if it’s the real deal…waiting for the spoilers tomorrow night!
    Deathstroke cover b is a no brainier.
    BTW…anyone who can get one of those Trump parody books signed by #45 is going to make some serious cash. Trump may see himself as bigger than Stan Lee and charge even more than Lee does …

    1. Haha.. I’m pretty sure Trump already thinks he’s bigger than this Lee guy if he knew who he was.. probably thinks he’s some Chinese dude.. 😉

    1. I ordered 2 of the virgin covers from unknown comic books…and I think I decided to chase for the regular cover at the lcs…

  6. For a lot of spec books, most if not all are still available at midtown comics…except the Deathstroke cover. Hard to imagine it’ll. E hard to track down…most had plenty of warning about this one…

    1. It’s still Deathstroke.. I’d imagine even with Mattina doing a cover, it’s still gonna be rather small cause Deathstroke has a smaller fan base and reader base.

    1. Id say there is some smaller profit spec to be had for sets of Batman #44 A&B, i think those will have legs for years to come. Nothing huge, but a solid 100% ROI over time, ill bet.

  7. Hey everyone. The reason I don’t talk politics, religion, or sports, is because of the charged emotions that people have towards the topics. Normally I would let things play out, but I feel that everyone has had a chance at their say. Debating politics is fine, but let’s keep it about the comics. Please. I appreciate both OC-Guy and Jayclue. I also realize that neither will change the opinion of the other. Again, I appreciate you both but nothing will get resolved.

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