Mel V.’s Variant Picks for April 4th, 2018

What Up CHU? Mel V here with your weekly Variant Picks for April 4th. This past week I took the next step in comic collecting as I started to buy stuff that’s not directly related to spec (to be honest I’ve been getting Spec’d out. Don’t get it twisted, I still love Spec but I’m evolving into more of a collector at this point.)

As of recently I’ve become a Monster Hunter World junkie and I tracked down the 1st Appearance. It was a fulfilling moment when I was able to find it! woot woot… Anyway let’s get into some of this week’s variants that I’m feeling…some good ones on the list as well as a great sleeper pick in my opinion.. So let’s get into it

Deathstroke Vol 4 #30 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover (available on eBay)  – Come on, this is definitely going on the list for Cover of the Year on our year end awards. I’d have no problem paying a premium for this had this been one.. Amazing work, a must have.

Justice League Vol 3 #42 Cover B Variant JG Jones Cover – If you’re ever at a Con where JG Jones is, take a look at his art book. Dude is amazing, such detail and precision… this cover is just another notch in his belt of greatness

Motor Crush #11 Cover B Variant Cameron Stewart Cover – this is a prime example of when a great cover just catches your eye out of the blue… I saw this in previews and went to get one at Midtown’s site and they were sold out. First thing I thought was “WTF”, next thing was “People share the same taste as me, never the less, a great cover I will be adding to my PC

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 3 #1 Cover E Incentive Kieran Gates Variant Cover (available on eBay) – Ok here is a bit of gamble spec … Sonic is dropping a 1:100 on Wednesday… Midtown has some in stock…price tag is $85… I was on the fence about it all day but decided to pull the trigger. Why did you do that Mel? Because Sonic has a great fan base, and with a lot of new collectors from all aspects, this comic COULD BE sought after. It’s a 1:100..I don’t think many stores will qualify for this variant thus making it a ghost (copies can still be found online if you search, like here for $80). I’m not sure if anyone will see this in any store which may make this a hard to find Sonic collectible.. The risk is the high price tag. If you are able to find this for cheap I’d say get it and hold… This is my sleeper of the week…Happy Hunting

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