Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 180th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

108 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I was at an old friends over Easter and while i was there we went through his old comics he found from when hecwas a kid (early 90s). Found these 2 gems in the stack.

    The NM98 has 2-3 small colour breaking tics snd Im gonna look into getting it pressed and graded. I think its a 9.4 candidate, perhaps. And the AC1 is a 1976 Publishers Edition reprint. Its printed on some of worst paper stock, cover and all, that I have ever come across. Its in really nice shape too.

    1. This is kind of a cool variant a local shop put out last week for Shadowman #1.

      Saw it on their rack this morning. Its an homage ti Batman #609 2nd print, Jim Lee Hush story.

  2. Upgraded my copy of Strange Tales #178, love me some Starlin Warlock! That black cover and 70’s crappy quality control really makes anything 8.5 and higher super tough. I’ve seen so many CGC 8.5, 9’s, 9.2’s with bad wraps, crooked cuts, too much space at the top above the MCG bar which doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t understand how an uneveno cut cover can still get a grade of 9.4-9.8 on some books (Howard The Duck #1 especially). Not in my book, I’m picky

  3. I’m not sure what I’ll get tomorrow if anything, but I did have a good time at Awesome Con last Saturday. I got my Vision HC signed by King, an American Vampire HC signed by Snyder he said it should be back at the end of the year, and I got one of my Woods comics signed by Tynion. I dropped 8 books off at CGC, one of them being my Popeye #65 zombie variant, and got a couple of books for the PC. All in all I had a pretty good time.

  4. snagged some good finds for great prices recently:
    $3 each:
    walking dead #s 92 (1st Jesus), 97, 105, 108 (1st Ezekiel)
    thor # 339 (1st Storm Breaker) x3
    factor-x # 1 (1st Bedlam) x3
    what if [1989] # 4 (1st venomized hulk)
    sandman [1974] # 1
    $4 each:
    moon knight [1980] # 25
    vision [2015] # 1 (1st Viv) x2
    thor annual # 11 (1st Eitri) x2
    $5 each:
    black panther [2005] # 2 (1st Shuri)
    web of spiderman # 18 (1st Eddie Brock) x2
    astro city # 1
    michael jackson moonwalker 3-D #1
    $10 each:
    darth vader # 3 (1st Aphra)
    avengers # 181 (1st Scott Lang)
    secret wars [1984] # 1
    x-men #s 130 (1st Dazzler), 135 (classic dark phoenix cover)

      1. the x-mens were wall books at my lcs that i got for 50%+ off during a major sale. i won’t know until the cbcs results come in but the 130 looked at about 8.0 and the 135 looked like it could be 9.0 so i don’t know how they got priced at under $30 each. not complaining though. and the moonwalker 3-D will get at least 9.4; 9.6 would be nice. gotta love antique fairs!

  5. I picked up a Thor # 209 1st Ultimus and then the husband took all the rest of our comic money for the last two weeks and bought 10 different Marilyn Manson picture disc vinyls, 2 Manson action figures, A Manson autographed cd insert signed by the whole band a Trent Reznor autograph and a autograph photo of The Sisters of Mercy which is psa certified and we also had to buy frames for all the autographs.

    1. Alana, normally I would side with you and use the money for comic books, but Sisters of Mercy and NIN frontman and Oscar winner Trent Reznor? Well done! My favorite artist of all time is Reznor having the chance to see him play 8 times in concert. Hopefully the Sisters autograph is from This Corrosion! Floodlands was a cassette I literally wore out twice from playing when I was younger. Great additions I’m sure!!!

    2. My wife has a Trent signed shirt, but I think one of our favorite pieces is the playlist that was taped to the stage for his 6/6/06 show. Roadie called me out and gave it to us.

  6. I like to go for the long term specs. I don’t really care about the quick flip, although I have flipped and it is fun. I sock away the most pristine books in mylar bags and wait to survive the flood. I remember seeing pictures of 90’s comic books strewn across the muddy streets after hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. I thought to myself, “Yay! More destroyed books means mine is now more rare (as in 1 of 999,999 comic books and counting)”.
    My diabolical mind, please stop me.
    If the standard 1:25 variant sells for $25.00. And the 1:50 for $50, the 1 in 100 for $100 then the trick is to wait until they hit the bottom, right? To put it simply, a 1 in 25 is fine grab for 10 bucks. A 1 in 50 is a fine grab for 15 to 20, I think. Hype is the enemy, but hype is also your friend down the road. That being said, I will be bouncing around Detroit and Kalamazoo for these books (and with priority to the variant as described above based on price):
    1. Curse of the Brimstone #1.
    2. Venomized #1.
    3. Avengers #687.
    4. Judge Dredd Furries #1.
    5. Sonic #1 (YES!)
    6. Analog #1
    7. Spawn #284
    8. ASM #798
    9. I hate fairyland (only cover c).
    10. Deathstroke #30 (HUGE).
    11. Zero Jumper #1
    Tomorrow I will hit the stores and see what the goddess of comics gives me. Hopefully a couple handfuls of ripe rewards to encase in mylar for decades.
    Best wishes everyone!

    1. Excellent picks and buying strategy sir. I have picked up a number of the ones you have on that list. Looking to add another few copies maybe of Sonic and Deathstroke as I can see future value on those too. Curse of the Brimstone I need to get as well

      1. Hope it plays out well for you. I usually can’t hit the target. If I meet 80% of the books, that is pretty good, I think. Plus I’m always reaching when I get outside of the list. Got to watch out for reaches. No one will know for sure until 20 years from now anyway, right?

  7. My books came back from CBCS:
    9.8 NYX 3
    9.8 What If Venom/Deadpool red label Skottie Young
    9.6 Caliber Presents 1
    9.6 Wonder Woman 205
    9.4 Rick & Morty 1 red label Dan Harmon & Ryan Hill
    9.0* Rick & Morty 1 Johnny Ryan variant red label Dan Harmon & Ryan Hill
    8.5 Phantom Stranger 24
    8.0* Brave & the Bold 106
    7.0 Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special 8
    7.0 Swamp Thing 9 red label Bernie Wrightson
    6.5 Swamp Thing 9 red label Bernie Wrightson
    The WW, B&B, and PS were part of an unopened, bagged, 70’s multipack, so I was hoping for better grades since they were untouched. Didn’t look too closely at the books as they were immediately bagged and boarded after cutting open the original bag at the CBCS submission table. Lesson learned about polybags. I was hoping the other 2 books would pay for the WW.
    The Squirrel Girl was knocked down pretty badly since it was a news stand book where a UPC sticker was slapped on over the direct market art. I didn’t think it would affect the grade since it was done prior to hitting the news stand. I thought it had a chance of being NM. Lesson learned there too.
    The Crow came back better than I thought after it was pressed. I was expecting a 9.0 at best.
    The Swamp Things came as a pair in an ebay win. Lucked out on the signatures being authentic. Most of my signed books, I get the signature myself so I know it’s real. One is for my pc, the other to sell to pay for the one for my pc.
    The R&Ms I had signed at Dan Harmon event at a local theater. Kicking myself for not buying the small stack of Roiland variants that were available then.
    The NYX I bought off a wall for $100 raw.
    The What If Venom I picked up raw during a Mile High 1/2 off sale, $40, before anyone else noticed it a few years ago and then had it signed by Skottie.

    1. very favorable results, i’d say. bravo. and where’d you get the 70’s unopened multipack?! that sounds awesome! i want one (or five).

      1. I picked it up on the Bay. I was looking for a high grade WW 205 when I stumbled across it and took a chance. I sat on it for a while debating the pros and cons of opening it up. Worked well for the book I wanted. I should have left the other two raw. Some people pay a premium for the unopened multibags, though. It’s its own little niche with websites devoted to collecting and documenting them.

    1. It was such a nice copy I thought it had a chance at a 9.9. Unfortunately, there were no grading notes.

  8. Picking up today:
    I Hate Fairyland cover B and possibly the wraparound
    Sex Criminals 23 both covers
    I survived the Spring Break road trip with my daughter. Since she needs the 50 hours of driving before getting her license, I let her drive much of the time, about 6 hours worth. We visited the Oregon Caves National Monument.
    I’m truly enjoying rereading Love & Rockets in the newish Fantagraphics’ trade reprints that finally puts them in a good reading order.

  9. Not too much to update. Spent my long weekend okaying far cry 5. It’s so fun to clear out an Outpost using only a dog and a cougar!
    Grabbed the venompool Funko Pop while I was there too.
    Last week I ended up grabbing stabbity bunny 2 and 3 but didn’t tell you guys. Sorry.
    This week I am getting:
    Batman #44
    Batman White Knight #7
    Deathstroke #30 mattina variant
    Go West #2
    I Hate Fairyland #18
    Justice League #42
    Nightwing #42
    Sex Criminals #23
    Star Wars #46
    Superman #44
    The Amazing Spider-Man #798
    The Avengers #687
    The Walking Dead #178 +Variant
    Also, there’s a sweet spinner rack in previews. Gonna see what my LCS will charge me for it. Haven’t had any luck finding an old used one for cheap. I think it would make a nice addition to my basement.
    Also, got some disposable cash coming my way and can’t decide between the Captain America replica shield for my wall or the infinity gauntlet. What do you guys think?
    Anyone playing subnautica? If so, it’s so immersive if you have a blue light! Set my hue lights to blue when I played last and it was like I was underwater too!
    Ahh, fun times.

      1. Lol yeah well, I don’t want someone to think that their copy is one of 10,000 instead of one of 10,001. Don’t want to kill the spec! Hehehe

    1. How did you get screwed? Did your lcs not pull them, or did an online company cancel your order? Curious as to what happened.

      1. My LCS supposedly didn’t get any, but honestly I think he did and just kept them all for himself, despite the fact that I specifically ordered it and the only reason he even knew about it was because of me. I’ve got to switch to just online only I think.

      2. If you have that suspicion, you are probably onto to something. I would be looking for a better LCS too. Nothing worse than snaky comic book dealers.

  10. Hit three stores and these were the pick ups for the week:
    Amazing Spiderman #798 (Young Guns variant, Mary Jane Venom variant, Connecting cover variant, and base all for cover price)
    Star Wars action figure variant
    Spawn Mattina virgin variant
    Walking Dead Andrea variant
    Avengers Venom variant
    Spec pick ups:
    Abbott #1 Tula variant and #2 1st print for $1 each
    One store had the Dell Otto Venomized #1 (1:50) for $30, but I passed on it. Might have made a mistake on that…

    1. Saw what Venomized #1 (1:50) has been selling for and went back and lo and behold, it was still there and I bought it.

  11. Tons and tons and tons of ASM 798s in my area. Tons. The Deathstroke, and Batman titles seemed to be disappearing quickly of the shelves at my LCS’.

  12. ASM #798 was sold out, but I did get one in my pull list. I got skunked on the Deathstroke cover, though, even though that book is normally in my pull list. Batman A&B were both sold out, as were the Thanos True Believer books. This week’s pull:
    BATMAN #44
    INJUSTICE 2 #23
    ASTRO CITY #51
    ISOLA #1
    VENOMIZED #1 (OF 5)
    STAR WARS #46
    VENOM #164 LEG
    X-MEN GOLD #25 LEG

  13. Cant believe Thanos Infinity Siblings is on Comixology for 99 cents. Wtf
    I almost grabbed this at cover minus sub discount

  14. Pickuos today
    Thanos Infinity Siblings OGN (99 cents)
    Deathstroke both covers
    Justice League
    Thanos Iron Man reprint
    Batman both covers
    Green Lanterns
    Amazing Spider Man
    Walking Dead Sinkewicz variant
    Incentive variants
    Venomized 1 1:25
    Venomized 1 c2e2 variant (not supposed to be on sale til Friday? That correct?)
    Xmen Gold venom anniversary variant
    New Mutants Venom anniversary
    Avengers Venom Anniversary
    All New Wolverine Venom Anniversary
    Two In One Venom Anniversary
    Amazing Spider Man Young Guns
    Amazing Spider Man Venom Anniversary
    Amazing Spider Man Ramos(?) variant. Jot sire looked good!

  15. This week’s pickups:
    Amazing Spider-Man 798 (x too many copies now)
    BATMAN #44
    Curse of Brimstone #1
    Deathstroke #30 variant (also ordered a CGC 9.8 fast track of this off eBay)
    Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast reg. cover #4 of 6
    Sideways #1
    Sonic #1 regular cover
    True Believers Thanos The First #1 x 2

  16. My lcs only had the batman A cover, and all had some kind of production damage. So I passed. Ordered one of each cover from midtown anyway. Had also pre-ordered ASM 798 (x4), the young guns cover and the charity variant…and the Deathstroke B cover…so they are on their way.
    Picked up a minty copy of ASM 798 at my lcs, just in case midtown hoses me with 9.6 or less copies. Also grabbed the true believers comics because why not for a buck!?

  17. Deathstroke Cover A actually hard to find in my area. LCS had a bunch of B, which was good for me, so picked up three.
    Other pick ups:
    Batman Cover B #44
    Isola #1
    Brimstone #1
    ASM #798 x3, Young Guns x1
    Avengers #687 Sprouse variant
    Venomized #1 Dell’otto 1:50
    Spawn – virgin cover
    None of the Batman A covers were mint copies, so passed on them all. Looked to be production damage.
    Teaching my 14 year old son to be a speculator and he picked up two copies of ASM and Deathstroke. Has yet to sell anything, but his collection is impressive for his age.
    Work on getting the 9 year old into the hobby as well, and finally found a book he has to get and read. Usagi Yojimbo for the win.

    1. The artist who did the Avengers C cover this week is going to be at an LCS by me on FCBD. Im gonna get some signed.

      1. I got a set is it a third print it doesn’t say anything about the print # other than a special printing. The Metal #3 is the first time that particular Robin fishhook version is available outside of the virgin 600primt run . I have a stack of reg tt #12s and the virgin Metal#3 so guess I had to have this too.

        1. If you are referring to the Foil TT12, then yes, I believe it is a 3rd print. It was advertised as special edition because that sounds a lot better than 3rd print. Alana, im tellin ya, those online shops are sneaky. Ive had no problems with Frankies, but they do business with CX. And we all know how i feel about those losers. Buyer beware.

        1. This was posted a few weeks ago in a different forum. It was apparently a solicitation from the retailers for the TT12 Foil.
          “Please note we do not know what print these are at this time. Both books made it to 2nd print, so most likely these will be labeled 3rd by DC.”
          Take it for what you will.

      2. I talked to Kevin at Frankie’s when asked what printing he said “Not sure. No bar code and the indica does not say.” So who knows. I have to dig out some old convention DC foils and see what printing they say if any. I know on the different Graded Wonder Woman DC foils I have none of them are listed as a different printing on the label.

        1. Well, to me, that is not a good sign. Either they know it is a later printing and are just playing dumb so the word doesnt get out and potentially hurt sales, or they do not know how to read a comic to determine what print it is (either on barcode or inside in the printing credits small print thingy, and Id imagine it would be on his invoice from the printers). If the store whos selling comic collectibles doesnt know what printing of the ‘collectible’ they have for sale, or how to read a comic to tell what printing it is, not a good sign, imo.

      3. Already 9 sales on the bay $50 or more just for the one Tt#12 2 sales $150 for cgc 9.8
        You can get the foil set for $55 with the two foil books. Another head scratcher, in stock at the retailer for less but selling more on the bay.

    1. Those types of store variants will always sell to the unaware and unassuming on feeBay. A lot of new readers and collectors are drawn into the fascination of these ‘exclusives’ simply because they did not exist in 1995, the last time they bought a comic. They do not see them at their LCS’, they do not know where to get them, and they think that they must be special. I think a lot of those sales are to new people in the hobby, not realizing exactly how unexclusive, exclusives have become in recent months/years. That and other speculators. Its kinda like a comic pyramid scheme. They are not all bad, but its an over saturated market for them right now, imo.

      1. There were some upset collectors that were voicing their displeasure with the Metal #3 Foil variant on Facebook. They felt it would “devalue” the virgin variant that, up until now, was the only “complete” Mattina “fish hook” cover. A response on Facebook to these complaints from one of the retailers stated that not only did the foil variant contain the “trade dress” to separate it from the original virgin variant, but was also considered a third printing, meaning the interior pages are a third print. Same with the TT12. It’s considered, by this retailer, as a third printing.

      2. Yep but from I’m hearing it doesn’t actually say third print anywhere on it. Not on the cover or front page bottom credits. I understand it’s a different printing but it’s really weird thing to have a later printed version not have the 2nd print or third print labeled in the book. None of the Seller’s are advertising it as a 3rd print which is kinda not good for the whole store exclusive market.

      3. That is too funny. Im not sure if youre facebook guy is the same guy Alana asked, but if it is not, then at the very least they are in business together (they are selling the same store exclusive). In one answer they say third, in another they say they do not know and on the site were its sold, it says nothing about print. But they sure make it sound nice, being a special edition 3rd print. Lmao. More shady business practices from these CX partners. Unreal.

      4. It’s like last convention season we had the foil Batman #24 proposal come out after the 1st and 2nd prints but on the cgc label is labeled third printing in indica. But I am told these foils don’t say third print in the indica which is first page credits. Will see when I get em I’m a sucker for the dc foils anyways. I have most of em from the last two years. I’ll send both the Metal #3 virgin and the new foil for grading along with the second print Metal #2 Mattina virgin my next shipment to the graders. They will look pretty nice together on the wall.

      5. Another thing to watch out for if you do buy exclusives is; if the exclusive you are ordering has a CGC 9.8 option, then the raw copy you will get from them will more than likely be slightly damaged and not grade 9.8, if you were to have it graded. When they offer the 9.8 package on the site, that means they need to fulfill those 9.8 orders. So, if the print run is 3000, when the store receives the books they pick through them and take out all the 9.8 candidates to be sent off to be fast tracked at CGC. Any book that doesnt make the 9.8 cut, is then put into your order of a raw book. Thus almost guaranteeing that the raw copy you ordered will not be 9.8. This is also why they always take weeks to deliver. They hold back raw orders until the CGCs come back from grading, in case they dont have enough 9.8s to fulfill the 9.8 pre orders. Thats why youll see CGC 9.8s on feeBay of the same book you ordered, before yours is even shipped. Most of the time, by the time yoy get your order, its been 5-6 weeks after release and any heat on it will be gone.

      6. I understand what you’re saying now… they DO NOT actually say Third Print anywhere on the foil variants. The retailer that responded on facebook was not Kevin from Frankies. It was Simon Payne from Sad Lemon. He is a really good guy, same as Kevin. I’m in love with the Mattina Metal #3 cover and missed out on the virgin variant, so I did pick up the foil variant and am glad that I did. It’s going directly into the PC. No plans for flipping. You make an excellent point JayClue, and that is the fact that these “store variants” are seriously delayed, for whatever reason, when shipped. So if you plan on flipping these, the heat is gone by the time you get them. If I want a store variant for the PC, I will buy it. It’s not a spec. If it’s from ComicXposure, I avoid it completely. I think you and Poyo would be in complete agreement with that. Snake Oil Salesman if there ever was one.

        1. Im glad you were able to add that to your Mattina art to your collection, JanMan. That is the best policy. Buy what you like and only do business with stores that treat you properly as their customer. You cant go wrong.

      7. I want to say that you can avoid CX, but If they have an exclusive shop variant you desire look into NYCollectCave. They are an actual store (unlike CX) located in the Bronx (like CX) and sell many of CX’s variants. They literally walk over to CX and pick up the copies…got some kinda deal with them. When I was having issues contacting CX, I went to them and he straightened things out with the CX owner for me. Nice guy, responded to my request within hours…took care of me. They have me CX business if I need to have some CX exclusive and they carry it.

      8. Thanks Dave, that’s good to know. I noticed that the CX trade dress of Amazing Spider-man #796 is available through Previews this month for $29.99. I might order it through Previews. I’m going to check out NYCollectCave in the future. I did purchase the Amazing Spiderman #799 variant through NYCollectCave when Anthony had the link posted on CHU. I usually wait to see how things go with a first order before I try again… but since you’ve recommended them, I might place a second order. Thanks again.

      9. Jayclue – don’t agree what you are saying about the chances of getting 9.8s if you buy raw is low. Have you actually tried? I have had one case where I ordered 5 raw of the same issue – got them signed and graded and they all came back as 9.8.

        1. Did the presale offer 9.8 cgc options on the book you ordered? In an order of 3000 copies. What percentage come in as clean 9.8s? 25%? But if the store offers 9.8 cgc, then how are all the orders going to contain 9.8s? Especially if 500-1000 of them have already been sold as 9.8s. Do the math. And yes, i have made hundreds of orders for exclusives in the past, and more often than not, the books did not arrive as 9.8s. In fact, i had so many problems with these, that I now realize that they are not worth it. Price point is waaaay to high, with little room for growth and typically will not hold its initial buy in price. How exclusive are these exclusives when every book has 10 exclusives?

      10. JayClue – yes 9.8 CGC were offered. I agree with you that the retailer versions are released a few weeks later but don’t agree with you that the retailers are spending those weeks sorting out 9.8s. Of course not all books will be 9.8s, but to say that the raws which are being sent out are not 9.8s because they are used for the stores own 9.8s. Take Frankie’s as an example. Even though they only guarantee 9.2 – the 5 books i referred to were actually from Frankies.
        I think you are might not consider that the stores have a larger print run than what they are supposedly releasing. Therefore there is no need for the stores to go through which copies to ship for grading.

        1. Im not saying its impossible to receive a 9.8, but raw orders will be filled with the lesser quality books from the orint run. I was merely pointing out some of the shady business practices that some online shops employ. Which brings me to your point about the print runs on some of these exclusives may indeed be larger than advertised. Or the wording with in the ‘exclusives’ listing will be intentionally misleading to make the ‘exclusive’ seem more ‘exclusive’ then it actually is. All in all, too shady for me to waste my money on. Ill support a local shops exclusive, where I know the shop keep is honest and 100% transparent on quality and print run, and they are more reasonably priced, i find. But i refuse to give my money to CX and Co. et al any more, and would like to inform others about their poor, shady unexclusive, ‘exclusives’.

  18. Well, to me, that is not a good sign. Either they know it is a later printing and are just playing dumb so the word doesnt get out and potentially hurt sales, or they do not know how to read a comic to determine what print it is (either on barcode or inside in the printing credits small print thingy, and Id imagine it would be on his invoice from the printers). If the store whos selling comic collectibles doesnt know what printing of the ‘collectible’ they have for sale, or how to read a comic to tell what printing it is, not a good sign, imo.

    1. What actually makes a comic a 2nd or subsequent printing? Isn’t it the interior? If so, the interior has to have been printed at the same time a the other first prints, right? Hard to believe given a second print came out months ago…

      1. Its the whole book. 1st prints are printed first. They are distributed, then if called for, the book will be run at the printers again. This would be the 2nd print. So on and so forth. Now, the True Believers reprints are marked as 1st prints because they are given a new title name. Eg. ASM 300 True Believers reprint is not called ASM 300. It is called Venom vs Spiderman #1. The interior panels are the same as the original, but the TBs are still 1st prints. Hope that clears it up a lil.

      2. Having said that, Im not sure what print the Con Foil variants are. But they too are not the same as this TT foil. @Alana. When you get them, please let me know what print they actually are.

      3. I wonder if a shop variant adds “bulletproof exclusive” to the indica title they can claim it as a first print…it’s a new title! Just call these Dark Nights Metal #3 Foil Edition” and voila! First print.

      1. I bought a Venomized #1 Hans Stephanie virgin c2e2 exclusive online already…only 200 were available prior to the show…not sure how many will be offered at the show. I liked the purple cover…I’m a sucker for those bold color backgrounds for a comic.

      2. David, hopefully you’re there on the last day (Sunday). I got some unbelievable deals on silver age books on the last day. Dealers didn’t feel like taking books home with them. Spotted a Fantastic Four #48 with no price on it. Asked the dealer what the price was and he asked me to make him an offer. I jokingly said 60 bucks (which was all the spending money I had left) and he said okay. It’s at least in Fine condition. Unreal.

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