Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #798, Red Goblin Arrives

Amazing Spider-Man #798 (available on eBay) is out tomorrow. Without a doubt this is a full first appearance of Red Goblin. He appears on several pages with dialogue and is named. Originally it seemed like he would appear this issue and the identity would be shown in #799, nope, it is all here. 
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Amazing Spider-Man #798 (available on eBay) starts like many previous issues,  with Green Goblin attacking.

Peter realizes he will have to step into action.

Setting off some bombs, things do not go as planned for the Green Goblin

Time to make amends.

Wait a minute…..

Boom first full appearance. (many pages follow with Red Goblin)

Red Goblin wants to get Spider-Man out of the way.

And Peter will have to be the hero…

Also, those hoping for J Jonah Jameson’s death…

16 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #798, Red Goblin Arrives”

    1. It definitely muddies the waters for the future of the character. Green Goblin, Carnage and Red Goblin are all the same guy right now.

    1. Why would it? There is no Red Goblin in 795. 1st appearance of Red Goblin is 798. I understand that Norm first bonds with Carnage in 795, but that is not the RG 1st. The spec on 795 may get a bit of a jump, but the news in 797 doesnt present anything new that would bump 795, imo. Anyone still pushing the 795 spec has alterior motives, imo. CGC has already labeled 795 as 1st Norman w/ Carnage. That will not change. And 797 will be RGs 1st full. Bottom line.

      1. I did read an interesting premise though. It went something along these lines. It is not certain, or confirmed in the story, that it was the Carnage symbiote that merged with Norman today. How do we not know that the RG symbiote is not a spawn of Carnages? If this theory were to be true, then 795 definitely has no spec as far as RG is concerned.

  1. Good read. With all of the store / exclusive variants, the regular Ross cover is still the best out of all of them

  2. Why do I have a sinking feeling that a year from now most, if not all of this story ark will be selling for half of what it is now.

      1. Of course… I’m keeping more than a few of these for the pc as well….. I just wouldn’t be purchasing any of them right now if I missed out when they were first released….of course I don’t mind selling the extras I do have at full going price to those who can’t wait until the prices fall a bit. 😉

        1. That’s the plan. Make it work for you! (And exactly what I am doing) if I sell now and keep a set, I don’t worry about the future because my books were free.

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