Spoilers: All New Wolverine #33, Big Plans for Kamala Khan



All New Wolverine #33 is out this Wednesday and starts the Old Woman Laura storyline. As hooky as it sounds, the issue is really good. We get some cool stuff in the issue. Check out the spoilers below. The images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. So proceed only if you are good with spoilers.

Click the spoiler images to see the spoiler protected images

We get the first appearance of an all-new Wolverine, with a new suit (as seen on the cover)

Yup, first Gabby as Wolverine (Honeybadgerine)

And looks like she missed out on a disease that Laura (X-23) has.

And looks like Kamala Khan has a new role.


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6 Responses to Spoilers: All New Wolverine #33, Big Plans for Kamala Khan

  1. David Bitterbaum says:

    Clever, and hopeful that our nation would elect someone Muslim in the future. I honestly have always thought the best Marvel character to be President would be Beast. He’s charismatic, smart, and even-tempered. A mutant as President sounds even more far-fetched tho…

  2. ellrick says:

    Man, they could not have picked uglier designs all around. Total garbage.

    Ms Marvel was putting people into detention camps without due process in some arc with Carol Danvers IIRC? Seems like she was acting like a president even then.

  3. Minkah Baunjoko says:

    This is crap. Its been crap for awhile now. I LOVE the character X-23 and loved her books right up to the point when she leaves X-Force. Its all down hill from there. It sucks because I really enjoy the character but I feel like I am just donating to a charity by buying her books up to this point. Another favorite character of mine, Miles Moralez Spider-man, I feel is suffering the same fate. Here’s to hoping they both get better writers…sooner then later.

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