Calgary Expo Exclusive Reveal: J Scott Campbell Hunt for Wolverine #1

Calgary Expo is coming up April 26 – 29, 2018. Like most of the Fan Expo Cons, they have a list of great comic creators and celebs, you can check out the full list at the Calgary Expo website. We have a first look at the Calgary Expo Exclusives that will be available at the show.
This time up they have the Hunt for Wolverine #1 with cover art by J. Scott Campbell.

The books will be available as a stand alone “blue” cover or as a combo which includes the blue cover, white cover, and yellow cover. I was told the books should be available for pre-order on the site by tomorrow morning.
For people who order the sets, they are offering a free Hunt For Wolverine #1 1:50 Black and White Steve McNiven variant free of charge. They are running the promotion until next Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Calgary Expo Exclusive Reveal: J Scott Campbell Hunt for Wolverine #1”

  1. Grabbed a set. Can’t pass up the free book/return and I’m hoping these might find some demand simply for the fact that it’s not a female character on the cover. Not quite ASM 688 (lizard variant) perhaps; but maybe enough for a decent return. And, of course, that’s assuming there wasn’t a crazy high print run.

      1. There are so many great cover artists out there right now producing interesting top notch work. Campbell has made a name for himself and I understand the interest in his covers specwise but this cover is an embarrassment and doesn’t hold a candle to the regular priced covers out there. I don’t even consider campbell anymore unless they paste his work onto a ratio variant. I have no idea how anyone can compare campbell to artists like Hughes, Ross, Razzah, Daniels, Middleton, Mayhew, Inhyuk lee, Mattina, Del Otto, Crain, Granov, Parillo, Kirkham, Adam’s, Skan, Coipel and more. In the shadow of all the great art and artists out there right now I say again that this campbell cover looks like it was cut out of a high school sketchbook and not worthy of investing money into.

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