Spoilers: Thanos #18

Thanos #18 (available on eBay) is in stores today. The Donnie Cates penned half of the series has been building up to a big ending. Only one way the series could end. Spoilers follow. The Spoiled images are redacted. Click on the spoiler warnings to see the uncensored images.

Like we said, only one way this series could end. And a special guest showed up.

Older Thanos talks to her, but she says nothing. He wants to know what else he has to do since he has killed everyone else.  Younger Thanos gets it.

And an ending is asked for.


And only one answer is acceptable.

A realization is made

Thanos realizes he cannot kill himself but he can stop “Old King Thanos” from happening, which ends with…

22 thoughts on “Spoilers: Thanos #18”

  1. So sad to see this series end, one of those rare ones that I have to read as soon as I buy each issue. Not clicking on the spoilers

  2. Wells Floyd.. He is writing Dr. Strange right now.. I was trying to explain to everyone at THE LCS what’s going on with DAMNATION. 🙂 Doormammu should be back in this next issue. 🙂

    1. NO. He uses time stone from the Fallen One to go back to vanish Old Man Thanos and time travel to his past… leaving Ms. Death at the Altar per se… lol

  3. On a Thanos side note, issue #17 has been out for a month and I’m still waiting for my variant cover to arrive from The Comic Mint. Fat friggin chance in Hell that I’ll order something from them again

    1. I ordered the trade cover for 17 from Frankie’s, arrived 4/2. I had wanted the set, but Frankie’s was sold out by the time i tried to order. Almost a week later I saw Amorphous Ink had the set for sale so I ordered it. Arrive 4/6. Yea, Comic Mint is always slow…
      But it is a sweet cover!

    2. Did you contact them? I did. They said the Thanos homage variants had been damaged and they were getting more. Should get them in any day now.
      Mine was holding up my Weapon H homage as they were to be shipped together. I contacted them and they shipped my WH #1 separate. It is a 9.6 maybe 9.8.
      Comic Mint only ships 9.6 or better. Other shops offering the same comics will ship 9.2s. Sometimes their adherence to quality products to you results in delays.
      They’ve been very good about getting back to my email inquiries and sending me high grade comics. Give them a chance. Don’t write them off without contacting them.

    3. The Thanos #17 Silver Surfer Homage was damaged in printing and had to be reprinted you should of got a email for them. They just started shipping the, this week.

      1. Comic Mint had issues with the regular shipment as well. Here is the emai I had gotten from them:
        “Thank you for your purchase and for reaching out to us,
        We have experienced some unexpected delays with the trade dress version of this book,
        Unfortunately the print run had to be redone, and we are currently waiting on our new allocation.
        They are expected in the next few weeks.
        Our apologies for this.
        Once we receive the new books, we will immediately ship your order.”

      2. As I mentioned above, Comic Mint only ships 9.6 or better. So while everyone else may be getting their Thanos 17s from other suppliers, they may not be 9.6 quality as most others will ship 9.2s or whatever they get in.

      3. Surprise, suprise. They came damaged. 95% of the time when these exclusives are shipped late, they give the excuse that the print run arrived damaged. I call BS. Its funny how the regular books at the LCS never have print wide damage, but these exclusives it hsppens with almost every book. I got the damage excuse on ASM 797, Venom #1, Venom #155, Metal 3……Their friends have graded 9.8s for sale, but their other customers have to wait for ‘danage’ replacements. BS. More unscrupulous tactics used bt these online stores to steal your money. Next time ask to see a photo of said damage and ill bet they wont/cant comply to that request, because the damage stiry is a lie. Buyer beware. Read last weeks Wednesday forum for more info on how these online exclusives retailers are shady people. One store owner was deleting posts on his IG and FB groups when people started asking about his shady books. Deleting relevant questions from concerned customers in order to hide the truth about a particular books print run or edition type.

      4. I got an email sayng that my order was shipped, shortly after I wrote to them for the 2nd time wanting to know where my book was. No mention of a damaged print run.
        I guess they used up all of the best copies for their slabbed 9.8 presales so I’m not expecting anything better than a spine tick filled 9.2

  4. I got my Thanos #17 from The Comic Mint. Spine ticks and staple rubs. Seriously, fuck that company. I won’t ever order anything directly from them again

    1. Contact them. They state they do not ship anything below 9.6. What you describe doesn’t sound like 9.2, much less 9.6.
      Is it the virgin or trade dress? Email I got yesterday states they were shorted on the trade dress and still haven’t received the remainder of the order. Said it might still be a few weeks.
      Maybe you pushed too hard and they decided to just ship you what they had in stock, basically what they were holding onto until replacements came…basically one of the “bad” copies?
      Sorry you got a sucky copy.

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