Quick Spoilers: Exiles #1

Exiles #1 is out in stores today. The book features Blink with alternate universe versions of Marvel characters time hopping (think Quantum Leap if you are old enough to remember it) fixing problems. This issue sets up the team. The regular cover gives away who is going to be in the book, so it is no surprise who is in it. But the end has a hook that I liked a lot.
Skip ahead for spoilers, the spoiled image is redacted, click the spoiler warning to see the uncensored image.
I have to say, over all, the issue didn’t really excite me, even though I have been a fan of the previous Exiles series. However, the last page blew me away.

Pretty cool.

20 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Exiles #1”

    1. Where else currently is Galatcus being used? Not that I’m up to date with everything. But all last comic i read with him in was in the current Thanos series.

    1. Kamala wasn’t gender swapped – just older – and that’s the Fury from Original Sin, isn’t it?
      I always thought of Exiles as more like Sliders than Quantum Leap – to use another old tv show analogy

      1. In the character design pictures the name is listed as just Khan not Kamala Khan. Blink grabs them from a different dimension with her demension traveling bracelet. If it is Kamala they are drawing her as ugly as possible.

      1. That is a crazy amount of 1sts. There has to be spec potential in this book. I skipped it this week because of the lil Wolverine. That was too much for me, lol. But, it looks like I will be looking to find a few copies of this if I can.

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