Spoilers: Amazing Spider-man #799, a Sick New Twist

Amazing Spiderman #799 is out Wednesday. It is Part 3 of the “GO DOWN SWINGING” storyline. In case you haven’t been reading Amazing Spider-man, a new villain, the Red Goblin, has been introduced. It is Norman Osborn in the Carnage symbiote. (None of this is spoilers as all the books have already been released. Spoilers follow. The spoiled image is redacted, click the spoiler warning to see the spoiled image. The accompanying text is not. Proceed only if you are interested in spoilers.
The solicitation reads as such:

SPIDER-MAN will need to the help of friend and foe alike if he hopes to stop THE GREEN GOBLIN this time!
The mystery of the RED GOBLIN is finally revealed, and it’s not going to be pretty for Peter Parker!

We know that Red Goblin is Norman, so that is no mystery. So wonder what the mystery could be?

So for those not in the know, that is little Normie Osborn, grandson of Norman and son of Harry Osborn. He first appears in Amazing Spiderman #263, copies available on eBay. In the MC2 line Spider-girl comic, a grown up version of Normie is the Green Goblin. He also was in control of the Venom symbiote in the MC2 universe.

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  1. Just grabbed a near mint copy on ebay (grouped it in with some other ASM Hobgoblin issues I had my eye on)…will now check out my LCS’s if this gets hot.

  2. Huh, a few weeks ago I predicted Spider-Kid would be the Red Goblin…. Way off but had no idea ASM # 263 would tie into the story arch…..because of the baby. Why not, right!?!

  3. I love these kind of specs! When hunting down ASM 263, look closely at newsstand copies, some are Canadian price variants that are not noted. Also does this mean that ASM 799 will be a better investment than 798, since it was not hyped as much?

    1. Could be. The whole series has been kinda hyped but with the reveal last issue it takes some of the steam out of the sails of this issue. But Dan Slott seemed to throw a curve ball in with this.

    2. That lack of Hype should make the 1:100 Ross Covers that much more rare…. and hopefully much more valuable 😉

      1. Not always. When the cost starts out high, sure the return value or investment can be nice but if you go by percentages, the potential real winners are still the regular covers. Most of the time the higher ratio’d variants are already out of reach for most people’s budgets so the demand for the regular covers are higher.
        Buy regular cover for $3.99 and it ends up as a $100 book or buy a $100 book and it turns out to be a $500 book. Imagine now you bought 10 of the regular copies while only spending $40 or so and then you make $1000 selling them? It’s all just a numbers game to be honest but I love crunching theoretical possibilities.
        But rare doesn’t mean valuable though. Demand = Valuable. “Demand” + “Rare” + “Available Supply” is the real equation that makes things more valuable.

      2. There was no loss of hype for 799. Its ASM. Its a super hot storyline that is 5-6 issues into the story. Stores have wised up to the orders they need for this title. Its also leading up to the 800 issue. For these reasons. and more, ASM 799 will still have a massive print run and there will be a ton of incentive variants to boot. Its a long term hold, imo.

    3. There will still be ton of 799s, but I do think it is the better book to have, compared to 798. The 1:50 and 1:100 will probably be the best books to own of this issue. Mind you, there are a ton of store variants for this issue, and each 3000 exclusive print run allows those retailers to qualify for the incentive variants. So, for every 3000 print run store exclusive, that store will have 30 copies of the 1:100 Ross Virgin and 60 copies of the 1:50.

  4. Makes sense – Norman is killed in 800. Normie takes over as the Red Goblin for the next generation.
    First appearance in 799 – nice work Slott. I can see him being a menace for years to come against peter and miles, even Spider- Gwen.

  5. Man, 263 was the very first back issue I bought when I was a kid. Talk about the long spec. Going have to check the back issues again. I know I have seen some for a buck or two.

  6. Funny that ASM 37 with the 1st Norman Osborn never went through the roof as a spec book.
    I get it. Not readily available in bulk so it can’t be hoarded, hyped and flipped

    1. Same with ASM #31..First Gwen Stacy… With her popularity I thought that one would have more movement over time than it has.

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