What is the First Appearance of Mary Jane as Venom (She-Venom)?

Amazing Spider-man #678 Variant (available on eBay)  is probably the most famous, and costly, depiction of Mary Jane as Venom. The book has the earliest cover appearance of Mary Jane as Venom. There have been several more popular covers of Mary Jane as Venom. But what is the first appearance of Mary Jane as Venom?

The first appearance of a female Venom was in a cameo in Venom Sinner Takes All #2, which is available on eBay, with her first full appearance in Venom Sinner Takes All #3, also on eBay. This one was Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Ann Weying. But this was not Mary Jane in the Venom Symbiote.

Mary Jane became Venom in the comic Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows #8 (available on eBay). In addition to the regular cover, there was a Incentive Clayton Crain cover (available on eBay). The book was released in August of 2017. This was not her first cover appearance as Venom in the series. The honor goes to a series of Renew Your Vow #1 Unknown Comics variants (available on eBay) done by Mike Perkins. There were three versions of it, a Purple Variant limited to 3,000 copies, a Black and White Variant, limited to 1,500 copies, and an Orange Variant, limited to 500 copies. These variants (seen below) were released in January 2017.

In between the January and August release dates if Amazing Spider-man #1 and #8, another Mary Jane Venom was released. This time it was the Venom #151 Francesco Mattina variant (available on eBay). This cover was released in June of 2017 and sold fairly well. It was part of a larger Venomized variant run, just like the original Amazing Spider-man #678 Variant.

And also in (June) 2017 Amazing Spiderman #29 had a Mattina Comicxposure variant set (available on eBay). Four versions of Mary Jane as Venom were released. Two versions of the trade dress cover and two virgin variants were released.
The previous run of Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows, the 2015 series, had a three cover Venomized Mary Jane set for Renew Your Vow #3 (available on eBay). It was available in a regular Color Variant, a Black and White Variant, a Negative Variant, and a Red Variant. These came out around October 2015.

Finally, the Amazing Spider-man #678 Variant (available on eBay) we mentioned before came out in January of 2012, pre-dating most of the other covers (and actual appearances) by several years. (There is also a later printed La Mole Convention Variant (available on eBay) of this cover.)
So what was the first appearance of Mary Jane in the Venom Symbiote?
That honor goes to Spider-Man Power Pack #3 and #4, both are available on eBay. In this all ages book, a fashion designer gets a hold of the Venom Symbiote and sews it into three dresses. One of them modeled by Mary Jane Watson. When the symbiote hears Peter’s name, it turns the three runway models, Mary Jane included, into Venoms. These books were releases in March and April 2007. Unless I am missing a book, these would be the earliest appearances of Mary Jane as Venom.

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  1. im still irritated with cgc recognizing batman who laughs 1st appearance in TT12 and not DKM 2……that’s why I was asking about this one

    1. I agree with that, not to start an argument, but Teen Titans 12 was a full multi page first appearance with dialogue, where as Metal was more of a cameo.

      1. I agree, Tony. I just finished reading Metal, tie ins and all, from front to back and made a point to see where TMWLs 1st appearance was. It is clearly, imo, in TT12. Metal #2 is a cameo. I understand people have different definitions and that established 1sts are not consistent in their criteria, but if you ask me, TT12 is clearly a full 1st with Metal #2 being a clear cameo.

    2. Why does it matter which comic cgc recognizes? It’s the collectors who determine value and significance. TT12 will always be the first full appearance, first cover appearance and significantly smaller print run than DKM #2…rendering it as the Hulk 180 equivalent…if even that.

  2. it matters because if Scott Snyder says DKM #2 is his first apperance. CGC needs to recognize that.hulk 180 wolverine was in 1 panel, 181 he was in most of the book. DKM #2 batman who laughs had 3 panels and 5 panels in TT 12.

    1. He is in 1 and a half panels in Metal #2 the half panel being a mouth shot the full panel being a full dark team reveal shot. I would give Metal #2 1st Robins who laugh. Metal 2 and tt12 came out on the same day so the full appearance with the Batman Who Laughs on the cover people gravitate to. Technically I think Dark Days Casting is first Batman Who Laughs in Shadow cameo one panel. I read Spider-Man Power Pack #3 it has multiple panels of Mary Jane Venom I would say first full.

    2. recognizing a cameo appearanc won’t change the value. You can request cgc to add 1st cameo appearance of TBWL. I think there’s a spot in the form for that and they’ll research it. They might start adding it if requests come in for it to be recognized.

    3. It’s a tough call, and I know Scott Snyder said it was his first appearance, but like Alana said he was in Dark Days Castings. I have all three books and am not trying to be argumentative. I hate when books come out on the same day and there is the debate on first appearance.

  3. No, I have both. Show me on Dark Days Castings his appearance, last panel theres someone similar but he doesn’t have the spikes around his eyes

    1. I know he doesn’t have the spikes but the shadow is of Barbatos the dark verse god and the 7 dark Batmen we don’t have 7 without Batman Who Laughs being one of them.

      1. Murdermachine, Dawnbreaker, Batman Who Laughs, the drowned, Devastator, the Merciless, and Red Death. 7 pictured in the shadow matches up with there being 7 total Dark Batmen.

      2. Cgc and cbcs do not recognize shadows as first appearances. This has been discussed adnauseum in their respective forums.
        And technically DNM 2 is a first in terms of story order and being the same week, that’s why I say you can request a notation on your slab….but at most it’s a cameo. So little to no significance. So I’m not sure why this is being discussed any further. What value does it add relative to anything but some text on label? Cameos, shadows, head shots, previews and advertisements don’t count for nothing versus a good old first full appearance.

  4. Anyone notice Unknown Comic Books is coming out with a virgin variant of Amazing Spider-man #678, but it’s for Venom #1? Goes on sale today. Not a fan of retreads.

    1. Yeah I saw it. It will now be the third time the cover has been used. It was originally on #678, and then a De Comixado El Mole Convention reprint, and now this

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