V-Wars Adaptation Sees Life as 10 Episodes Ordered by Netflix and Casting Begins

We told you back in 2014 that V-Wars was being eyed for a TV show. News just came out that the show has been picked up for a 10 episode  and casting is being announced. 
Originally a book, then adapted in comic form.  There were two “regular” versions of the first issue of the comic. Copies of V-Wars #1 are available  on eBay. There were several variants for issue #1,  also a V-Wars #0 FCBD, and also available on eBay.
From Comic Book.com

Ian Somerhalder officially has a thing. And that thing is vampire TV shows.
After starring as Damon Salvatore in 171 episodes of CW’s The Vampire Diaries, the actor is moving on to yet another blood-sucking TV project. According to a new report from Deadline, Somerhalder has landed the lead role in a new Netflix series called V-Wars.
Netflix has ordered V-Wars straight to series, with ten hour-long episodes set for production.
V-Wars is based on the IDW book by Jonathan Maberry, and chronicles the stories of the “first Vampire War.” Somerhalder will star as Dr. Luther Swann, who gets caught up in a world of mystery and horror when his best friend, Michael Fayne, is transformed into a deadly predator after contracting an unknown disease. That disease spreads wide, causing more people to transform, and society to fracture. A war eventually breaks out between the people and the so-called “Vampires,” and Swann is stuck in the middle. It’s up to him to figure out what’s happening, and how to stop the disease. Unfortunately for him, Michael rises to power as an underground leader of the vampires, putting Swann in a difficult spot.


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  1. Oh nice, I think I still have a few of the 1:100 and 1:200 variants of these which I held onto just for this purpose. Might be time to dump finally.

      1. Yup, I gotta go hunt them down in one of many boxes. My goal this year is to get rid of around 80% or more of my collection. Only keeping the special ones for the PC for long term hold.

      2. The nice thing about these though, I already banked from them. When these came out, my local shop got around 3-4 each of the 1:100 and 1:200 variants somehow. I think it was a Diamond goof or something cause they had more variants than regular copies from what I recall. Sadly the regular covers looked better than the variants. I think I was able to grab 3 of each and I sold sets long ago for mad profits. 🙂

    1. I read #1 a long long time ago, when it was released. I never picked up #2 if that tells you anything. It just wasn’t my cuppa tea from what I recall. Perhaps the TV show will fair better than the comic. It takes a lot for me to get into Vampire and Dracula movies though. Scott Snyder’s American Vampire was great. That’s one of the few vampire stories I’ve gotten into.

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