Francesco Mattina Cover’s Venom #1

Superstar writer Donny Cates is launching a new, horror tinged, Venom #1. The new series will be out May 9th. Superstar artist provides an exclusive cover for Venom #1These go on pre-sale today. The Trade Dress Exclusive has a 3000 print run at virgin is MegaCon Orlando Exclusive with a 1000 print. New York Collectors Cave will also have a very limited amount of Mattina Signed two packs.

The exclusive is a split exclusive between New York Collectors Cave and ComicXposure

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  1. So this book is released on May 9th, 2018, any orders from comixposure will probably ship around May, 2019. Thats if their whole order isnt ‘damaged’. Anyone dealing with CX, buyer beware. Do yourself a favour and google comicxposure customer reveiws. There is a plethora of unhappy customers who have had nightmare experiences dealing with that ‘shop’.

    1. I am over all these Store Exclusive. I have sold off all but 1 so far and will be keeping to normal ratio variants if any.

      1. The problem with these store exclusives is that they help a store qualify for the ratio variants, thus increasing the number of ratio variants out there. So a store that has a variant with a 4000 print run, gets them 40 copies of a 1:100. 10 stores do that and you’ve just injected 400 extra copies into the market which devalues the rarity of a 1:100. On the flip side, it should make it easier and less expensive to get a 1:100, so there’s that.

      2. They do have a mystique to them if you’re getting back into the hobby, but, imo, they are rarely worth the money or the hassle that comes along when dealing with those books. I have boycotted most store exclusives too, especially CX. Very much especially CX. I will support a local stores exclusive but i would stay away from CX variants.

    1. I sold that card for $450 sent to my PayPal. Made thousands from Marvel War Of heroes and Xmen Battle of the Atom both cancelled marvel mobile card games. While people were handing me crazy cash for a digital card in a game I was taking that money and buying first appearance comics of all the characters in the games. Now the games are both cancelled and the cards no longer exist. That’s the reason most mobile card games don’t have trade functions anymore.

    2. Mattina mailing it in now too? Lol. Thats the 2nd sketchy Mattina practice in the last year. The dude needs to stop pumping his covers out and just do nice OA. Remember when he was Venomizing other artists poses and passing it off as his own. There is literally a new Mattina or two or three, every week now, it seems.

      1. Everyone who orders from them has to go through that process. They should be forced out of business by the Business Bureau.

  2. I tried to give Comicxsposure another chance on that first Red Goblin cover for #796. It was delayed for damages and then I received a dented copy anyway. Never had any problem with collector cave before until my last order of 6 or 7 Rick and Morty Vindicators they never shipped them after a month of being already released I msgd them and they did quickly refund me.

    1. The problem there, Alana, is; that if you buy a CX exclusive from another shop, you are still supporting CX indirectly. We, as comic fans, need to stop buying anything to do with CX. We need to get those scam artists out of the industry/hobby. Whether its CXs itself, one of their many direct partners or another shop, we need to stop supporting any book with their name on it. There is a good reason not to support them when a solicitation for a store exclusive attracts nothing but negative comments, based on the stores deserved, piss poor reputation. Speaks volumes to me.

  3. Give NYCCave the benefit of the doubt. When I was having my issues getting my trade dress copy of ASM 796 (Crain variant) from CX, I emailed NYCCave and the guy quickly stepped in and helped me out. They are an actual brick and mortar, unlike CX. And when they have CX exclusives, they personally go over and get them from the guy…and ship them out. Unlike CX which sits on them.
    And like Alana noted, they got right back to her. And refunded her money…at least they owned up to that.
    I’m still not getting this as it does nothing for me…Mattina is selling himself out lately, it seems…as long as I can find his covers I like for $2.99, I’ll likely keep picking those up…but not a $30-$50 variant that’s a retread.

    1. Your still supporting CX and their scamming ways if you buy variants with the CX name on the back cover. Regardless if its from a store with good service. Im sure NYCCave is a solid store, but CX is comic poison.

    1. I dislike ComicXposure so much I’m tired of talking about how much I dislike them. Saving my breathe (err, fingers since it’s more typing than actual talking) now for more important things… 🙂

      1. Got an email yesterday from comicxpousure with a tracking number for the amazing Spider-Man 797 Dell Otto 3 pack

        1. Hope they don’t arrive damaged. If they do, just dispute the Paypal transaction. You’ll get your money back and keep the comics cause they’ll never respond to customer service emails.

      2. I was at that point with my ASM 796 Crain variant when everyone else was getting theirs and CX was deleting my attempts to contact them through social media ( as they responded to nothing else). but I really wanted that comic and it was going for 2-3 times what I paid CX…so that’s when I became desperate and contacted NYCCave to help me out.
        But I here ya poyo…done dissing them…not sure how CX is still around. They entire business is online sales…

        1. If they were the last comic shop on Earth I’d stop buying, reading and spec’ing on comics. You’ll see me start 😉

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