Spoilers: Batman #45 Goes Dark

Batman #45 is out today. It features a regular Tony Danials cover and a Jim Lee B cover. The issue has Batman rescuing Booster Gold from kidnapper, Booster Gold. The issue is very dark with some not-so-Batman Batman images and really goes into some dark places.
Spoiler images are spoiler protected. Click the spoiler warning to see the redacted images. The accompanying text is not redacted, so only proceed if you are good with spoilers.
The issue starts off with Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, talking about safety measures in place to keep the ring slingers from hurting themselves/

But looks like that can be bypassed.

Booster seems impressed with the outcome.

Tim Drake in the library gets a political lecture after a Joker attack on a city bus. Nothing too shocking here, it seems like it was done to make a statement, but look who the president is.

Batman out of character. I thought he had a thing against…..

But the biggest shocker for me was Duke Thomas. Something did not go right in this time line

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  1. I had a tough time finding the A cover by Tony Daniel in my area. My LCS put one in my pull box but got it home and found it to be damaged. He doesn’t have anymore. The B cover seems easy to find, but why is the A cover so popular?

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