Mel V’s Variant Picks for April 18, 2018

What Up CHU Mel V here with your weekly Variant picks for April 18th. Quiet week but a couple of sleepers this week. I love weeks like this.

Aquaman Vol 6 #35 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover – Middelton and Aquaman were meant for each other, he really brings the best out of this character visually

Batman Vol 3 #45 Cover B Variant Jim Lee Cover – Shout out to Larry Doherty from Larry’s Comics,its always great when I run into Larry at a NY show and we just talk comics for 30-40 mins,I learned a lot from Larry over the years and he was the one who told me about this Jim Lee cover and He’s right ,it looks fantastic and it’s the 1st in the new “Virgin Variant” Cover B DC program .Im curious to see how many of these will be around at retailers on Wednesday .Thanks for the Tip Larry

Cable Vol 3 #156 Cover B Incentive Ariel Olivetti Variant Cover (available on eBay)– This really isn’t a bad looking cover. I’m not sure whats going on in the store but there is some buzz behind this issue.. stay tuned

Wasted Space #1 Cover B Variant Hayden Sherman Cover – My Sleeper pick of the week. I’m hearing some fantastic things about this story and it could be a hit from Vault, I’m grabbing a couple

WWE #16 Cover D Incentive Lucas Werneck Virgin Variant Cover (available on eBay)– Sleeper of the week for me ..This cover art flat out looks great ..1:15 could be hard to find none on ebay at the moment ..should do well for a while


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10 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks for April 18, 2018

  1. Dave says:

    Didn’t realize DC was switching to virgin covers….looks like they (and image with spawn now) want a piece of the virgin pie….wait, that didn’t quite come out right…well, you know what I mean…I hope.

  2. Looked all over for that Alexa Bliss cover the other night and no luck..seems like it’s a wonder why? lol

  3. Mike says:

    Alexia Bliss straight up looks like Harley Quinn

  4. JT says:

    Alexa Bliss cover on Things From Another World for $6.74.

      • Marvel Zombie says:

        Damn, sold out.
        That’s a Really nice cover too.

      • melthemovieguy says:

        LOL I missed that link ..Midtown was allowed to sell Boom variants at the midnight release for Action 1000 and all the Bliss were scopped up ..and I went to sleep early the night this link was I cant find one .. one of the rare gems that slipped passed the hands of Mel V The Hunter lol …

      • Anthony says:

        Sleep is over rated. I get 3-4 hours a night. Seriously I don’t sleep much. Which boom variants did they sell. The WWE ones. I did mention the Jim Lee Tour Variant in the new comic spec review video. But didn’t end up getting one…..

  5. Magefury41 says:

    Missed out on action comics 1000 Jim lee tour variant. Selling for 50+ on eBay

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