Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 182nd edition of the open forum!
Wow, now that is the CHU effect, Amazing Spiderman #263 is a $20 comic on eBay, overnight, thanks to the spoilers we put up for ASM 799… Incredible.
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

65 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. surprised ASM 263 is an instant key. No one knows anything other than Anthony about the significance of Normie in this story….he could have been going to a cosplay event dressed up as his grandad, for all we know.
    Nevertheless, I’ll be looking in the back issue bins tomorrow in a few LCS’s, hoping word didn’t get out too far ahead of tomorrow’s issue. Wanted to do that today, but had to leave work to take the kids somewhere so the wife could work…and when I take them to the comic store they can’t help but stare at zombie and gorey covers and ask me “what is that stuff coming out of that mans mouth..why is he angry….what’s he doing to that other man…?” But I digress…

      1. Thought I had purchased one last night, had it in my cart…Comte,plated just buying it, but had recently bought other comics from this person and was happy with the condition…looked for a few more ASMs to combine shipping then purchased. Tonight I went to review the order and the ASM 263 was not on the invoice….turns out someone stole it out of my cart.
        Same thing happened to me last week. Different comic.. But.same seller!L…was in my cart then disappeared before I hit “complete order”.
        What are the odds?

  2. Something is going to be huge this week. I can feel it. I’m just not sure what it is? I’m going to guess either Cable 156 or Wasted Space. Maybe Justice League with the Justice Lost finale? Eagerly awaiting spoilers!!

  3. An out of the box comment.. I just watched the HBO 2 part Elvis Presley Documentary. It’s a must watch. I’m not an Elvis fanatic… but I do understand where he stands.

    1. I attended the worlds largest Elvis festival a few years ago. Im not an Elvis fan per se, but I do have an appreciation for the King and his music.

    2. I just started watching “It’s the End of the F***ing World” on Netflix, it’s GREAT!!!! Getting ready to buy the Hardcover off Amazon.

    1. I have a stack of cover A just sitting here as I haven’t been selling much lately. Picked up all at the LCS two weeks after release on the rack bagged and boarded. They are all prob 9.8 so going to grading before selling along with my TT #12s

  4. Lucky to pick up a Thanos 13 this week for 40$ ..
    Action comics 1000 blank variant for me..none catch my eye
    Found an infinity 8 number 1 last time ..see if i can pick up number 2
    Love that batman Jim Lee ..see if i can get one

      1. Y’all got it all wrong. Supergirl is going to start being drawn on Catwoman covers…. I kid.. I kid…. 😉

      2. Catwoman 1 b and Wonder Woman 51 a cover, but not sure if it’ll be a run or not. Also, has some Marvel coming out: Black Panther 1 and Captain Marvel 1. You should be able to see/Find them on Artgerm’s twitter feed.

  5. Pick ups!
    U.S. Agent #1 Golden Age
    True War #1 Golden Age
    Spy Cases #19 Golden Age
    Classic Comics #2 Ivanhoe Golden Age
    Fear #1
    Jungle Action #2
    Weird War #1
    Captain Marvel #2 & 3 Silver Age
    Chamber of Darkness #1
    Atom and Hawkman #39
    Blue Beetle #2
    Marvel 2 in 1 #1
    Get Smart #1
    Fury of Firestorm #1
    Supergirl #1
    Witchblade #1
    Predator #1-4
    Origin #1
    Green Lantern #141
    Punisher #1
    Magnus Robot Fighter #1
    Wonder Woman #1
    New Mutants #1
    Green Lantern Corp #201
    Grim Ghost #1
    Ghost Rider #2 Bronze Age
    Ghost Rider #3 and 5 Bronze Age
    Green Lantern #116
    Moon Knight #1
    Dawn #1
    Harbinger #1 with coupon
    Lady Death # 1/2 and 1
    Uncanny X-men and New Teen Titans #1
    Miracleman #1
    Power Pack #1
    Sgt. Fury Special King-Size Annual #1
    Man from Uncle #1
    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12 2 sets

      1. I contacted someone awhile ago about some comics, but for some reason didn’t get any. I recently went through old emails and ended up contacting her. She sent me videos of all the comics she had from her father. I picked up the ones I was interested in. Will probably pick up more at a later date!

  6. Wow! A second week in a row I’m not picking up any comics. I’d buy something if I felt there was something worth buying.
    I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow to see a concert, Jean-Michel Jarre. It’s his first true US tour although he has been putting out albums since the ‘70s. He was at Coachella last weekend. I’ll have some time available the day after the show to hit up some comic shops and the Pinball Museum in Seattle before heading home.
    I just finished reading Gilbert Hernandez’s Love & Rockets Human Diastrophism. Fantagraphics is putting out some pretty good reprint trades. Highly recommended.

      1. He’s 69. This is the second leg of his US tour. Last time he was in the US, it was Houston 30 years ago. I dislike going to Seattle, but it looks like he won’t be coming to Portland. He is still playing laser harp. His set at Coachella was live broadcast on Youtube. I think they will broadcast his second Coachella set live next weekend too. The laser show reminded me a lot of Floyd.

  7. Not much this week. Found five more copies of Eternals #1 bronze age for $4.75 each ranging from fine to Very fine…got them the day those new rumors were floating around. The only new comics I got this week was ASM #799 A, B and 1:50 cover for $40 with shipping.

  8. I hit up a garage sale over the weekend, scored Infinity Gauntlet #1 (x5), X-Men #244 (x4), Darkhawk #1 (x4), Sonic The Hedgehog #0 (x2) 1st Squirrel Girl, and a bunch of McFarlane ASMs #306 through 315 for $1 each, all newsstand copies.
    The New Mutants run started at #88 and stopped at #97, damn damn damn!

  9. Well, my local shop had probably a good 1000 copies of Action Comics. I didn’t even bother flipping though them.
    As for ASM, shop had probably just 20 copies, no variants. Picked up another last copy they had out of ASM 798. Grabbed Avengers, Skyward, Batman Cover A and couple of the ASM 799. Kept my bill under $25. Yay me.

      1. I’m so over Bendis as well. He’s gonna go off and ruin some DC characters now with stupid controversial politically correct dumbassery. Just write some freaking hero stories, I don’t care what they’re race is, who they’re sleeping with, etc.

  10. Picked up ASM 799A and Poe Dameron 26.
    There are only 2 comic shops in my town and its a pretty small town. Was surprised that I was still able to pull ASM 263 x2 for $4 each and Eternals Vol 1 1-5, 12 for $55 total.
    Trying to decide on selling the 1-5 set or not (1 and 3 are VF, others are F to G) and get some better grade copies for the PC.

  11. Good week in terms of pick ups…
    Amazing Spiderman #799 (cover A & B for cover)
    Avengers (Brooks cover)
    Batman #45 (Jim Lee cover)
    Further Adventures of Nick Wilson (very good read)
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26
    Spec pick ups this week:
    ASM #263-bought for $2 yesterday and sold for $15 within 10 minutes. Now they are going for upwards of $30. Ah well, take the money and run.
    Isola #1 (Cover B for cover price-surprisingly these are going for $15+)
    Deathstroke #30 (Cover A & B for cover price-I think long term cover A will appreciate higher than Mattina)
    Thanos #14 (Phoenix variant for $20-last closed auctions have been in the $40-$50)
    Good hunting everyone!

      1. I’ve talked to 2-3 store owners and all of them knew about the Mattina cover and ordered heavily. I still see that cover on shelves in my area, but no cover A. On top of that, closed Ebay auctions show the cover A selling for more that Mattina’s. Now I’ve been wrong before so this could all be wrong, but as Poyo states below, “Always bet on Cover A!!!”

  12. Hello everyone.
    Busy week, so I will keep this brief (I feel bad if i don’t post)
    This week I am getting:
    Action comics #1000
    Batman #45
    Cable #156
    Jughead the hunger #5
    Justice league #43
    Mister miracle #8
    Nightwing #43
    Ninjak vs the valiant universe #4
    Superman #45
    Amazing Spider-Man #799
    Renew your vows #18
    Avengers #689
    On the weekend I picked up
    Avengers 683 (was missing it or some reason, I think I have a 2nd print coming my way today)
    X-Men Red #2 (1st Full Trinary)
    Venom #160 (was missing this installment of venom inc.)

  13. Today was a back issue bin day. Picked up the following (visited 4 stores):
    *ASM 263 (x3, Two newstands and on direct…range from VF/NM to NM+). Already sold the VF/NM for $20 on the Bay. 9.6 copy Iits up asking double…I see a copy went for $48…hoping eBay doesn’t flood just yet with high grades…will be watching closely. Paid $18 for the three.
    *New Mutants (2004) #8 (x2)…1st Surge…Already had one of these on eBay, immediately dropped the price and it sold for $20 about an hour later. Next copy goes up tonight. Got them for $3 ea.
    *Thanos (2004) #12…First The Fallen. These haven’t flipped as good as I’d hoped, but for $3 I’ll take a chance.
    Also picked up a Spectacular Spider-Man 43 and 85 for the personal collection. A pretty good
    As far as new issues go, grabbed the following:
    *ASM 799 (grabbed the best copy I could find of cover A…passed on the variants)
    *Batman 45 A & B (again, grabbed the best copy I could fin of each)
    *True Believers Thanos Rebirth
    *Planet of the Ursus #4

  14. So I bought Young Avengers #6 today for first appearance of Stature Scott Lang’s daughter as Giantgirl. I come home check the rumors a few hours later and guess whatshe’s rumored to be cast in Avengers 4. Getting so good at specing I can buy stuff for the rumors hours before the rumor is released. Lol

  15. I thank you Anthony without seeing that Mattina Venom cover I wouldn’t of bought it. I was looking through all the legendary cards from Marvel War of Heroes where that Venom artwork comes from. One of the cards was Stature I was like who is this giant girl looked it up and bought her 1st as Stature.

      1. Yep 1st appearance of Cassie Lang as Stature. Rumor is they cast a new actress for Cassie Lang she’s six years older then the current girl that plays her leading to time travel rumors and Cassie Lang playing Stature or maybe Stinger from Astonishing Antman #6

  16. Today was New Comic Book Day for me. The LCS ordered a large amount of Action Comics #1000, but I already ordered mine from Midtown so passed on buying from the LCS. I believe that ASM #799 was sold out, but it seemed like most books were available otherwise (except for Mister Miracle #8, also sold out). This week’s pulls:
    BATMAN #45
    INJUSTICE 2 #24
    VENOMIZED #3 (OF 5)

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