Final Deadpool 2 Trailer Drops Confirms Characters

The final Deadpool 2 Trailer hit the Internet moments ago and confirms Deadpool’s X-Force team characters. Due to language it is possibly NSFW.

In addition to making jokes about the DC movie universe, and Josh Brolin being both Cable and Thanos, the trailer confirms the identities of some of the X-Force team seen on the Helicopter. The team includes:
Domino (we knew)
Bedlam (Imdb gave it away a few weeks back)
Shatterstar (who was highly suspected due to the Rob Liefeld face frame thing and white costume)
and Peter (average guy with no powers, sure to becomen a fan favorite like Dopinder)

30 thoughts on “Final Deadpool 2 Trailer Drops Confirms Characters”

    1. Part of the famous 1990’s pair Rusty and Skids (seriously what mutant power does someone with the code name Skids have? ((Forcefield but the name implies something else))

  1. When Deadpool says “you’re so dark. Are you sure you are not from the DC universe”. I literally did a spit take with my drink. Can’t wait for this movie.

  2. The studio that killed Wolverine. Has anyone else heard the rumors that Hugh Jackman was at the Avengers 4 filming?

      1. Have you seen the theory that there’s an invisible character? You can see an empty parachute in the first skydiving scene.

        1. I have. It makes me wonder if it is one of two things. Deadpool having an imaginary character thrown in for comedy, or they have just erased a character so people are surprised by who it is.

  3. I have to admit I haven’t been big on the marvel movies of late, but now I gotta see this and watch the first one too.

    1. First one was funny. I am behind in watching most marvel movies. I usually know the story by the time they come out so it’s not worth me watching.

  4. this movie will be #awesomesauce. this will be the best movie of the ses season. I will go see avengers might even do the 11 movie marathon I will go see solo but this is the movie I am most excited to go see wish fox would do a Deadpool double feature on opening night Deadpool followed by Deadpool 2 nuff said blind adam out

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