Mid-Week Marvel Movie Specs

There has been a bunch of Marvel casting news over the past two days. Here is a wrap up of the characters and first appearances.
Screen Rant has reported that a rumor has Jessica Chastain could be playing Claudine Renko, aka Miss Sinister, in the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie. Miss Sinister first appears in X-Men Legacy #214 (available on eBay.) There are some cheap copies up on Amazon.
From Screen Rant:
The Tracking Board is reporting that Chastain is playing the part of Miss Sinister, a gender-swapped version of classic X-Men villain Mister Sinister. There’s comic book precedent for the character; Sinister tends to switch his mind between bodies, and Miss Sinister is actually one comic book version of the evil scientist.
That Hashtag Show is reporting that Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, could be in the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel slotted for July 2019. Jessica Drew first appears in Marvel Spotlight #32 (available on eBay)
And speaking of Spider-Man sequels, and again from That Hash Tag Show, it is being reported that the female Spider-Man sequel, Silver and Black, have confirmed villains.
The villains are:
Mendel Stromm, first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #37 (available on eBay)
Anton Rodriguez Aka the Tarantula, first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #134 (available on eBay)
Mac Gargan Aka The Scorpion, first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #20 (available on eBay, and hopefully they do him better than in the previous Spider-Man movie.)
The Chameleon, first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #1 (a copy or two available on eBay), good luck finding a cheap copy of that one.
And finally, Lonnie Lincoln Aka Tombstone, first appearing in Web of Spiderman #36 (available on eBay).

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  1. Transhuman and East of West both by Hickman picked up for Amazon shows. Transhuman I only see comic copies of #1 on Amazon none on eBay may be hard to find.

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