Eternals Movie Confirmed by Kevin Feige

We reported recently that the buzz was, Eternals was going to get a movie. Official confirmation came out today from Marvel. 

The Eternals, first appear in Eternals #1 (available on eBay), has been confirmed from Marvel.

From The Wrap had the story:
Marvel Studios is developing a movie based on the “Eternals” comic book series about an evolutionary offshoot of humanity, president Kevin Feige told TheWrap.

“‘Eternals’ is one of many many many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate,” Feige said Sunday while promoting this week’s “Avengers: Infinity War.”
“We have started working on what are the films post-phase 3,” he said, referencing the forthcoming fourth part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s slate of movies after the wind-down of franchises based on the original Avengers.
But Feige still has a whole lot of work to do on the current MCU phase, telling TheWrap that most of the studio’s current efforts are going into “Infinity War,” finishing “Ant Man and The Wasp” and “Captain Marvel,” as well as editing an untitled Avengers film.

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  1. So the plot leaks from both Venom and Infinity War from November 2017 that I’ve posted in comment sections in the past a few times are both proven to be real today Venom from the new trailer pretty much covers the details word for word in that plot leak and Infinity War pretty much verbatim to the spoilers from today’s viewings also have the end credit scene now full spoiler and end credits here

  2. Good news! I thought confirmation would take more time, but I guess not. I had a feeling Eternals would make it to the big screen after GotG became such a huge hit…being cosmic and all…After seeing Kirby’s designs when Thor Ragnoraock was leaked and after Ego was in the 2nd GotG movie I figured it was just a matter of time. Glad I loaded up on Bronze Age Eternals for a while now.

  3. Now to see witch characters will take on the roles of main protagonists and which ones will become more ancillary/background characters. Of course Ikaris and Ajak are a given as well as Sersi (most likely) but there may be room for a few others who never got as much love. The early issues of Eternals are filled to the brim with first appearances. Issue one and two have jumped the most in price but there still may be a hidden and cheap gem in any of the series.. if they bring a lesser used Eternal that was introduced later on into the forefront. Marvel Cinematic division just loves taking D list characters and turning them into B or even A listers….just saying.

  4. Can someone explain to me how ‘actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see of we believe in them enough to put them on the slate’., is confirmation of a movie? To me, that quote sounds like they are thinking and talking about a possible Eternals movie, not confirming a definite film that will be developed and produced. Anyone else get that impression too?

      1. Already sold one set of higher grade Eternals 1 &2…. With all the Eternals I have bought over the past two years that one sale with the hype returned about 20% of what I spent so far…. Eternals were so cheap for so long, kinda crazy seeing the prices spike the way they have. Going to sell some more until my cost is covered at the very least.

    1. “One of many” could also mean Captain Universe, Captain Britain, Omega The Unknown, Bloodstone, Skull The Slayer, Modred The Mystic, Howard The Duck, an Adam Warlock solo movie, or anything really
      To quote the 3 Stooges:
      “I can’t say yes but I can’t say no”
      “Can you say maybe?”
      “I might.”

      1. Yeah, the way I read the statement, it essentially means nothing .. maybe “The Marvel New Universe” is under consideration .. 😉

    2. I agree, this is confirmation of nothing. Hell, the Inhumans movie was ACTUALLY announced and then ended up getting canceled. I can see the same happening with Eternals. If an Inhumans movie didn’t fit into the future of the MCU, I highly doubt the Eternals will. I am selling everything Eternals I have now while the crazies are paying 500% inflated prices lol.

      1. I’m selling my stash of #1’s as fast as I can take pics and list .. a 9.0 went this morning for $90.00 raw .. crazy time ..
        Not to mention, even on the chance this ever came to fruition, it could be years ..

      2. Confirmation that they are planning on making it and confirmation it will hit the theaters is two different things. No guarantee on anything. They are looking to do cosmic movies for the next round of Marvel films though.

  5. So how exactly is this a confirmation of a movie? He says ‘Eternals’ is one of many many many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate,” . This isn’t a confirmation at all, it’s basically just him saying “We are trying to put pieces together to see if an Eternals movie will work”. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy people are going to buy my Eternals #1s for a bunch of money, but I don’t see this as a confirmation of anything other than “We are contemplating it”

      1. I read the same stuff, not saying you were wrong in reporting, just saying that all of these headlines saying its confirmed are a bit premature

      2. Please dont take the comments as bad reporting, Tony. I read other reports stating a confirmation of an Eternals movie too. But, what Feige said is in no way a hard confirmation of anything. Keep up the goid work, Tony. CHU is the best sorc site out there. Youve built a great, informative community here. ?

  6. I think we will get full confirmation at SDCC. They are doing Eternals to compete with DC New Gods Movie which will probably be overly bad with a few good parts like most DC movies. The team will most likely be Ikaris, Ajax, Sersi, Thena, and Makkari. I could also see them changing some characters origin to Eternals to make an updated roster instead.

    1. The ONLY way this movie is good and doesn’t become the next Inhumans TV fodder is if they base the movie off the Neil Gaiman run on The Eternals. I have read most of the original series and the Neil Gaiman take on the characters and his take is the only one movie worthy.

    1. SELL! When Fiege gets a few issues into the original series and says “what friggin garbage!” there will be a fire sale. I expect Eternals 1-3 to hold somewhat of their inflated value for a while because nobody who bought high will want to admit an expensive mistake (hello Preacher speculators, I’m looking at you).
      I sold all of my copies, rather take the easy money

      1. yeah – one big problem. i put my 9.8 in a very remote storage as i didn’t think it was going to heat up this fast. it is going to be a pain picking it up.

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