Full Venom Trailer Leaked

People have been worried since the first Venom trailer came out there was a lack of Venom. Well, wait for the last scene in the leaked trailer because he is there in all his symbiotic glory. Check out the leaked trailer below:

11 thoughts on “Full Venom Trailer Leaked”

  1. Idk, hopefully they added more Venom and that last second of the trailer isn’t the end movie reveal that the plot leak awhile back said it was with little to no Venom in the movie until the last scene. He looks better than Spider-Man 3 Venom still not big enough imo also the bad quality of the trailer makes it hard to determine the quality of the cgi.

  2. At the end when he turns into venom… shouldn’t he be saying WE are Venom… not I am Venom?
    That’s pretty weak. If they got that wrong makes me wonder what else they may have f’d up?

    1. Can’t one assume that its only Venom when combined and they become one? Without the symbiote he’s just a man. Without a man, its just a symbiote. But together they become one in the same to become Venom.
      Its sort of like like Iron Man and Tony Stark.. He (Tony) claims he’s Iron Man yet his armor seems to have the intelligence to run without a man inside with his AI software. His suits are referred to Mach when he’s not inside them but when he is, he’s now Iron Man.

        1. Being called a dope and being dope are entirely different. We all know what we should do with actual dope though. 😉

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