New Comic Spec Review Video for April 25th 2018

Anthony from doing the weeks New Comic Spec Review Video for 4/25/2018:

Sorey for the delay double header on the road (my boy Joe hit his second home run of the season and allergies (damn you Cherry Blossum trees and your beautiful but deadly pollen flowers) side lined me yesterday.

20 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for April 25th 2018”

  1. Suicide Squad is sold out at midtown…has been for several days. Must be Harley’s cheeks.
    Also, the Thanos annual cover B (Deodato) is pretty sweet. Surprised that hasn’t sold out, but it is limit 1 (again at midtown).
    Light week. Need another spoiler like last weeks ASM 799 to make a forgotten back Issue super hot so I can raid the bins again.

      1. Lol – so shipment is from China – not Hong Kong, that for sure is fake. Anyway – shipment from China can easily be 60 days

  2. Alana – not everyone in Hong Kong sell fakes. That one was mine ?. Tony can vouch for me.
    And no – too late – already sold!

    1. There is a 9.8 up for $300. I bought mine off eBay a while back for $16 dollars shipped, a CGC 9.8. I had a great conversation with the seller as he had the cover artist wrong.
      Yes, I can vouch for Poka.

  3. Mattina’s group cover are never as goos as his solo character covers. My spec for this week is Moon Girl #30. Great vid as always Ant. Much appreciated.

  4. You just had to tell me there’s a Jeepers Creepers comic book..remember seeing the original in the theater and the first 10-15 mins freaked me out..gotta get it now lol any particular cover or go with A?

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