Official Venom Trailer Released

After the leaked trailer hit the internet a little while ago, Sony has released the official Venom trailer. It is the same as the leak, just better quality. Check it out below.

7 thoughts on “Official Venom Trailer Released”

  1. I mean, it was better than the first teaser trailer in that we actually know what the movie is about, so that’s good. Also, I kind of like the heroics-and-horror vibe as we haven’t really gotten much of that in our hero-flicks lately. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    1. Ditto, David. Cautiously optimistic. IDK though, Sonys track record is putrid and this doesnt seem organic to me. Im getting an ASM2 Garfield/Sinister Six vibe. Lots of potential. Zero execution.

  2. This trailer actually dampened my enthusiasm for this film. I don’t think they handled the symbiote “extensions” correctly. They appear to have a uniform thickness for their entire length. I think they’d be more visually appealing if they tapered as they extended to give a more “tendril-like” appearance.

  3. I know, I know, everyone hates it … worst trailer this year, etc, etc.
    I’m stoked for it and will definitely go see it.

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