Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 183rd edition of the open forum!
I had planned to spend my birthday today hunting comics and seeing the Avengers Infinity war. Several things went wrong. First, Google the release date of Infinity War and you will see they have it completely wrong. The movie comes out 4/27 and not 4/23 like Google states. Second, sick day for me and my four year old. Both sick at home. I have watched more Sponge Bob today than a human can take, and I like the show. But anyway, what do you all have going on this week?
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

81 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

    1. I ordered a copy of ASM 263 off of feebay early (2am) last Tuesday morning as soon as I read the news, here on CHU. I need that book for my ASM run and didnt want to pay crazy stupid prices if the book lit up. Not a big selection of Bronze/Copper books in the shops around me. So, my copy arrived in the mail today and the book is really clean. At least a 9.6. And its a CDN price variant to boot. Good day for me. This one is going in the PC though. Paid $14 shipped.

      1. Thats a good one, Alana. 1st Lobo has got to blow up at some point too, imo. I know thats not an ASM 263 type book, as it already is well known and not cheap, but it has a ton of potential.

  1. This weeks pick ups….l
    Black #1 cover A
    The Hihgwaymen #1-5 x2 it’s going be a movie.
    Annihilation Conquest Prologue #1 1st Wraith
    East of West #1
    Eternals #1 1:75 2008 going for $30 on eBay good tip get em on Amazon for cover + shipping it’s the highest incentive cover for any Eternal book.
    Transhuman #1
    Xmen Legacy #214 1st Ms. Sinister
    And a Sheri Moon Zombie autograph.

      1. It’s on an autograph card but its framed with this awesome Signed poster from Rob Zombie I got for $30 free shipping I suggest buying one the guy has multiples if the one I link sells just message him. The poster is nice size with really thick paper stock all signatures are legit can’t beat it for $30 if your a fan of his music or movies.

    1. I ordered a comic on amazon once…came without a board in a flimsy envelope…not sure I want to repeat that experience.

  2. My Pick-ups:
    Bitcoin Comic Handbook
    Fear Diaries One Shot
    Highwaymen #1 x 5 (I know the movie is a western but Alana reminded me how much I loved this mini. Print run was under 10K FYI. Also got a few on eBay cheap hmmm MyComicShop has it for $15?)
    Prisoner Vol 2 #1C Variant Jack Kirby? & Mike Allred Cover
    Rick And Morty #37 Cover B Variant Mike Vasquez Cover
    Shadowman Vol 5 #2 Cover C Variant Blank Cover
    and Amazing Spider-Man 258 (under $10-12 where I find it)

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ASM 258 cover. That’s a pretty cool cover. Will look into this…see if I can find a nice copy.

  3. Amazing Spider-Man #263 3 copies
    X-Force #116
    Fantastic Four #49 CGC 8.0
    Fantastic Four #50
    Avengers #42
    Avengers #44
    New Gods #2 VF+
    New Gods #3 VF+
    New Gods #4 VF+
    New Gods #9 VF/NM
    New Gods #10 VF+
    New Gods #11 VF+
    Eternals #1 VF
    Eternals #2 NM
    Eternals #3 NM
    Eternals #4 NM
    Eternals #5 NM-
    Eternals #7 VF/NM
    Eternals #8 VF/NM
    Eternals #11 VF+
    Eternals #12 VF/NM
    Eternals #13 VF/NM
    Eternals #14 VF/NM
    Eternals #15 VF/NM
    Eternals #18 VF

    1. No. But the cover has us looking at Eddie through the mouth of someone. Is that mouth a mouth of a new character?

      1. Nope.
        The symbiote had another spawn though. Only seen as a symbiote so far. No host.
        They’re going to try to raise this one right. Lol.

      2. Yes, but then the next page Liz Allen and Eddie have a conversation and she mentions lying to the government about it. I had to read those two pages twice to make sure of that. Wasn’t very clear.

  4. Picked up an ASM 263 for $8, flipped it for $40
    A couple more Eternals 2 & 3 cheap, also flipped quick
    Thor Annual #7 high grade $6
    Showcase #80 1st SA Phantom Stranger, only VG but it was $2 so hell yeah!
    Carnage USA #1 $1
    2 high grade X-Force 11’s for $3 each, on their way to CGC
    Manhattan Projects #1 for a quarter(!) at a shop that had it on the wall for $40 (???)
    X-Men #450 $3
    Capt Marvel #50 $4
    Marvel Team-Up #100 high grade $5
    Getting Thanos annual and the Damnation books when the LCS opens

  5. Finally some seasonable weather!
    We got a big ice storm last week that was a huge pain in the rear! (still think that we were having a normal start to april jay?!?!?! LOL 😉 ) Well, it’s almost all melted now and it is much more pleasant!
    This week I am getting:
    Babyteeth #10
    Batman and the signal #3
    Detective comics #979
    Ice cream man #4
    Image + #9
    Spectacular Spider-Man #303
    Redneck #12
    Darth Vader #15
    Dr aphra #19
    Thanos annual #1
    Avengers #690
    Deadpool #299
    Flash #45
    Hellblazer #21
    Thor #706
    The silencer #4
    Rick and Morty #37 Vasquez variant
    Whatever True Believers my shop ordered
    Stabbity Bunny #4
    Probably a few others but they are escaping me right now. She always has a few surprises for me when I get there! I think last week I got the Image ashcan, I forget what series it was for.

    1. I did not say we were having a normal April. I stated that is was too warm. Annnnd, we got 3 days of winter. All in all, Brennan, none of this weather is ‘normal’ to me, but Im sure it will be for the kiddies.

  6. Whoo hoo! Finally, there are some new comics I want to buy this week.
    Picking up:
    Strangers in Paradise XXV 3
    Saga 51
    Rick & Morty 37
    Prisoner 1 (I’m a huge fan and cannot decide which cover to buy)
    Picked up:
    Beyond Palomar Love & Rockets GN (Reworking my way through L&R with these nice trades)
    Moebius Blueberry 4 & 5 HCs signed (CBLDF had copies without dust jackets donated to them to sell and I’ve always wanted a Moebius signed book)
    I have my tickets for Infinity War for Friday. My teen daughter is having a difficult time choosing between going to the movie or her friend’s birthday party that she did not know about until after I bought the tickets.
    I also have tickets for Saturday to see the new sci-fi/horror flick, the Endless. My local theater is pretty cool as it is a non-profit that has a lot of special events. For the Endless, both directors will be in attendance.
    This theater also is the only one in Oregon with a 70 mm projector. There is a brand new 70 mm print of 2001 a Space Odyssey touring the country that will show here. it will be like watching it the first day it came out.
    30 Years of Garbage, the Garbage Pail Kids documentary is finally out on DVD. Watched it last night and it was one of the best docs I’ve seen in a long time. The movie spends a lot of time interviewing Art Spiegelman who was heavily involved with the cards. I highly recommend watching it.
    The next Mondo tiki mug is Planet of the Apes. I have the Gremlins, the Alien, and the Iron Giant mugs, each better in quality than the last. I’m not enough of a Planet of the Apes fan to pick up this next mug, though.

  7. Great week for reading!
    Kill or Be Killed
    Grass Kings
    Darth Vader
    Doctor Aphra
    Thanos Annual (both covers)-I had heard that they are going to do a Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series. Can anyone verify?
    Avenger (Brooks cover)
    Doctor Strange
    Moon Girl (2 copies)
    Spec pick ups:
    Was able to get 2 copies of Isola #1 Virgin C2E2 exclusives for $10 each
    Isola cover B 2 copies for cover
    Power Rangers (black bag sealed $10)
    GI Joe Anniversary IDW foil 2 copies for cover
    Can’t wait for Avengers Infinity War this week! Anyone else pumped up for this?
    In terms of other movie trailers that I recently saw and can’t wait for release:
    Equalizer 2-Denzel and Fuqua (one of the best action movie directors out there in my opinion), back for more. The first Equalizer is a great double bill if you watch it and John Wick right after!
    Meg-the trailer was awesome. I can’t help myself, I love shark attack movies and have been waiting for this for some time. Hopefully this is more Shallows and less Shark Night.
    Good hunting everyone!

    1. Cismic Ghost Rider Mini series is confirmed. I think its essentially continuing the Thanos run/story. Cates is on board.

    1. Im guilty of the opposite. I hear about something being optioned, and I go looking but dont find any in the wild, only to stumble across them 2 months later hidden in my boxes, after the heat is gone. Fingers crossed for news of production on those misses, lol.

  8. Lets see this past week or so had a lot of Eternals in it…Have plenty of Eternals #1 & 2 already but decided to pick up five more issues of #3. More rumors stating Sersi will play a major role in the franchise if all these unconfirmed conformations hold true. Also picked up three more #7’s and whatever Whitman variants I could find in fine or better that were still cheap. Also, picked up another ASM #263 in NM for $5…still can’t believe that book is hot right now! A couple of Young Avengers #6 NM at cover as well as X-men legacy 214 NM for cover and Web of Spiderman #36 in NM for $6…still have to add shipping to all that but for the most part got all these on the cheap.

    1. Also, picked up a couple of Strange Tales #109. More than one source online that I found points to this issue as being Sersi’s (Circi’s) first appearance when she lived during ancient times. Sersi confirms that she was indeed Circi of Greek mythology in Eternals #4 page 15. Strange tales 109 only shows her briefly but even so, if Sersi becomes the main protagonist (or one of them) in the movie this book should gain some serious heat. Seems not too many people are on to this yet as there are still affordable lower and mid grades out there. IF/When everything becomes official for the film and pre-production/casting starts, first appearances will climb even higher than they have with just rumors and tease-confirmations. As Alana stated a few weeks ago, cheap silver age first appearances for potentially high profile characters are very few and far between these days. IF Sersi makes it to the big screen in a major role, forget about getting Strange Tales 109 and even Eternals #3 at a good price. Right now ST #109 is a cheap-ish, very low risk purchase especially in lower grades…Also has a kick ass Kirby cover!…just though I would point that out.

  9. Got shut out at my LCS this week. I don’t have pull lists because I like to pick through the copies on the shelves…plus my tastes can change week to week. Was looking for the Detective B cover, Avengers C cover and Thanos Annual and Moon Girl…did not find any of the first three and Moon Girls were damaged.
    I have a couple of these coming to me from Midtown anyway, but was hoping to get solid 9.8 ish copies just in case Midtown bends them up…which has been the case that past few weeks.
    Saw a Web of Spider-Man 36, but it was fine at best…$3…may go back and get it another day…plenty of Eternals 1976 issues 1, 3-9 I think) but all are fine and were in the $10-$15 range…need to look them up on EBAY to see what the going rate is as they’d be a flip for me.

    1. The Web of Spiderman 36 and Eternals #1 seems to be priced below what they are selling for online. If they still have them you should pick them up.

  10. Not much for me this week. Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, work has been hectic. This week I got;
    Rick and Morty 37 cover B
    And yesterday the wife surprised me with an ASM 300 copy CBCS 9.6 for my Birthday.
    I also finally got my wife’s BA #12 CGC 9.8. And I gave it to her on my Birthday lol she was speechless.

      1. Wrong again Jay!
        Dec. 25th was chosen to align with pagan celebrations already occuring as a way to gain converts.
        It is generally accepted that the birth likely took place in late summer to mid fall, likely sept. Or oct.
        Bam! You just got theologized!

        1. You’re referring to Jesus Christ, Brennan, and assuming that I was. It is well known that Christs birthday wad moved to coincide with the Pagan ritual. However, I was referring to Jesus Murphy, his birthday is a hard 12/25. ?

  11. Not much for me today, just a couple of Thanos #13 4th print because I forgot to pre-order it. I did just pre-order the 5th print, I wonder how many more printings Marvel is going to do.

    1. Just saw that the 5th print will be the same cover art as the lenticular, without the lenticular of course. I can dig it!

  12. When I saw the Venom B cover today, I thought I saw that image before. Does anyone else think this is a cover swipe of Aliens #1 vol.1?

  13. Picked up exiles 2 1:10 for cover price today. Also while I was at the comic shop there was a farmhand ashcan signed by Rob Guillory apparently he came into the shop and gave her a stack to give to people who preordered farmhand. And then the icing on the cake I was talking to the shop owner about how I just bought a cool collection and another customer says to me I have a bunch of older stuff if you are interested I’ll let go for cheap. He sent me a pic of daredevil 168 secret wars 8 and journey into mystery Annual 1 so far. Needless to say I’m gonna go check those out this afternoon

      1. Could’ve been epic, but due to improper storage a lot of his comics had water stains. Did walk away with a nice avengers 196 and a daredevil 168 both vf/nm for 75$. All in all it was a good day.

  14. One of my area LCS’s had a bunch of Oblivion Song #1 pink signature variants for cover price. Check those stacks at your shops guys!

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