Image Press Release: All-Ages GEAR Heads for new Print

Longtime all-ages writer and creator Doug TenNapel’s first comic creation GEAR is heading for a new print by Image comics.

My 12 year old loves TenNapel’s work so if you’re a parent like me, I highly recommend introducing your kids to Doug’s work if your kid hasn’t already been introduced to him yet.
From the Press Release:

Writer/artist Doug TenNapel (CREATURE TECH, Ghostopolis, Cardboard) and colorist Katherine Garner (Ghostopolis, Nnewts, Tommysaurus Rex) will release a new printing of the full-color graphic novel GEAR this July—just in time for its 20th anniversary.

Four incompetent cats hijack a giant killer robot to change the course of a war between cats, dogs, and insects. But while these three species fight for control of the world, a powerful mechanical being named GEAR arrives to risk his own life to save the lives of good cats.
“GEAR was the first graphic novel I ever made, and it’s why I fell in love with the medium,” said TenNapel. “Now with 17 graphic novels under my belt, I’ve yet to capture the raw energy of GEAR in another title. I was on fire back then, and GEAR is still on fire!”
“GEAR was the first of Doug’s comic books I read, back when it was published in black and white,” said Garner. “I became a fan of his comic books because of it and never expected to be coloring them in.”
This 20th anniversary edition has it all: an action-packed story with robots, harpoon guns, talking cats, mantis kung fu—plus pin-up art by Rob Schrab and Mike Mignola!
GEAR (Diamond code: APR180538, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0917-3) hits comic book shops Wednesday, July 11th and bookstores Tuesday, July 17th. It can be preordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo.

Select praise for GEAR:

“Reading GEAR is like seeing Coconino County in George Herriman’s Krazy Kat be invaded by giant robots and bugs at war, written and drawn by Doug TenNapel in an expressive and highly kinetic style. Basically, it is everything my teenage self wanted to read in a comic.” —Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet)

“GEAR is pure energy and imagination on paper. I spent a lot of time reading this book over and over trying to soak up all the inky goodness Doug put in.” —Skottie Young (I HATE FAIRYLAND, Deadpool)

“TenNapel is a master of his craft, and his love of the medium is on full display here. Doug plays with the comic page like a cat with so much yarn. GEAR is sheer delight.” —Rob Guillory (CHEW, FARMHAND)

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3 thoughts on “Image Press Release: All-Ages GEAR Heads for new Print”

  1. Without getting overtly political, Doug has been called out as a “bigot” in a lot of places for saying some things that even I tend to grimace at. I just… I can’t support his work… and that’s coming from somebody who adored his video games as a kid.

    1. And thats your right as well. I have no problems with that.
      I myself despise bigotry and hate but I also realized long ago if I started to avoid buying products made by people or organizations who’s own beliefs or views dont necessarily align with my own, I would likely have slim pickings of places to eat, things to buy and so on.
      If I bought a TenNapel graphic novel, I dont necessarily see it as me directly supporting his bigotry or views, I also see it as supporting my own entertainment.
      TenNapel might be a narrow minded bigot but if I were to start avoiding books based on stupid crap the creator says or things they do, I better add Brian Wood and Paul Pope to that list as well. One could find such list growing to the point its a full time job just keeping track of what not to buy.
      Now if I find the personal beliefs sneaking into their work, that’s an entirely different approach for sure.

    2. I do also find it kind of ironic that if TenNapel is hardcore about his bigotry, why did he go with a publisher that is probably one of the most friendly and supportive of gay rights? I mean, they did a whole month of Gay Pride covers for their creator books. 🙂

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