Heathen from Vault Comics Gets Movie Deal

Deadline had the exclusive earlier today that Vault Comics hit book, Heathen, is being adapted by Constantin Films and Prime Universe. Originally a Kickstarted funded book first.  Heathen #1 (available on eBay) came out from Vault, there were a couple of variants (also available on ebay)  including the 1:5 ratio variant and an exclusive, limited to 100 copy hand sketched version on eBay as well.
From Deadline.com

Constantin Film and Prime Universe have teamed to turn the Vault Comic title Heathen into a film with a kickass female Viking warrior protagonist. Script will be written by Kerry Williamson, whose credits include Alex Cross, Netflix’s What Happened to Monday and who’s adapting the fantasy series Sandman Slim for director Chad Stahelski and Studio 8. Constantin’s Robert Kulzer will produce with Adrian Askarieh, whose Prime Universe Films is in a two-year first-look deal with Constantin. F.J. DeSanto will also produce.
Written and drawn by Natasha Alterici, Heathen tells the story of a young viking warrior named Aydis. An outcast and sel-pfroclaimed “heathen,” Aydis is a woman born into a time of warfare, suffering and subjugation of women. She takes on a quest to end the oppressive reign of the god-king Odin, and break the shackles imposed on the women around her.

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  1. When this book came out, it was in my pull box. I bought it without knowing. Lol. Good thing cuz now I can sell it for a good price.

  2. Now begins my quest to find a copy of 1 first print for a reasonable price, if such things are still possible

    1. I kinda missed the boat too. I found one at
      Impulsecreations.com for 12.50 plus shipping. Saw one at a shop by my house last week and didn’t grab it for cover ?

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