Failsafe From Vault Going to Netflix

The second Vault comic got picked up for a media deal in as many weeks, has announced the 2017 Vault comic, Failsafe, is going to Netflix. Failsafe #1, is still available on eBay from $4-$10, while copies at have jumped to $12. Amazon has copies from $3.15.

Netflix prevailed to win an auction for Failsafe, a Vault Comics title that will be scripted by Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole as a producing and potential starring vehicle for Michael B. Jordan. Jordan and Alana Mayo will produce through their Outlier Society Productions banner along with Vault Comics’ F.J. Desanto.
The project was pitched on the heels of the Black Panther’s record-breaking theatrical run, and numerous suitors emerged for a re-team between Cole, who wrote that script with director Ryan Coogler, and Jordan, who turned in a powerhouse performance as Killmonger. Sources put the deal in the seven figure range. Jordan, currently reprising in Creed 2 and who will be at Cannes when Fahrenheit 451 plays there, has set up numerous projects through his company. In high demand, he’ll decide whether or not to star when the script comes in. The subject matter certainly fits his wheelhouse.

6 thoughts on “Failsafe From Vault Going to Netflix”

  1. It’s definitely a watch and wait type of book. Alien Bounty Hunter got optioned and you can still find these for cheap or under cover price. Either sell now as I see this being a quick $10 flip or hold for the long term possible gamble if the show actually makes it to our screens.

    1. agreed. when a book like this gets “optioned”, my usual move is to buy two: flip one and hold one. to each their own, but i don’t think it’s worth it to buy more than a couple copies if you’re inclined to invest in every single comic that is supposedly getting a movie/show.
      spreading yourself too thin will, in the end, probably lead to breaking even at best, as the percentage of comics that have been optioned in the last five years that have actually made it to production seems pretty low.

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