New Comic Spec Review for 5/2/18

Anthony from with the New Comic Spec Review video for May 2nd, 2018. Here are this weeks interesting picks:

16 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review for 5/2/18”

    1. I got a copy of ATM (i think that acronym is used too much, lol) in a comicgeek blind box about 1 year ago. I was surprised to see it being officially released this week.

  1. What is wrong with Cyber Spectre’s butt on the regular cover? I don’t know why that bothers me and if she was real, that outfit looks really uncomfortable.
    Is it me or does it just seem like any book with the word “Cyber” in the title doesn’t ever fare well on the secondary market? Maybe it’s Cyber Force that sort of ruined the word.. I hope I’m wrong though as I have not read this new book yet.

      1. Try Zyrtek. My son and I both suffer from allergies and that medicine seems to be the one that works best. Get the one with the D next to the word. It’s a stronger doze.

  2. Thanks as always.
    With so many variants for cyber spectre which do you recommend.
    FP have the gold 5 Cover Virgin set (both signed and unsigned) but are very expensive…. do you think it’s worth it?

    1. Yeah, I’m passing. Like Tony said, it’s a cash grab. If half the covers are just blank like what’s depicted in what I’ve seen, just really awful concept if you ask me.

      1. I am getting the two split covers and skipping the two halves. It’s next to impossible to get McFarlane to sketch anything and that would be my only reason to grab the half blanks.

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