Quick Spoiler: DC Nation #0 Scott Snyder Brings the Cosmic

DC Nation #0 is out today. It features a couple of story promo’s leading up to books coming out. There is a great Joker story at the beginning of the issue, it shows the pure insanity of the Joker. The Batman and Superman stories are decent too. However, the Justice League #1 (out June 6) lead in that is the most interesting. The story is done by Scott Snyder with art by Jim Cheung. Check out the spoiler below. The image is redacted, the accompanying text isn’t, so only proceed if you don’t mind spoilers.
Supergirl comes across a threat that stops her in her tracks!

With the Celestials returning in Avengers #1, it is cool to see a Kirby-esque big cosmic threat coming for the Justice League.

21 thoughts on “Quick Spoiler: DC Nation #0 Scott Snyder Brings the Cosmic”

    1. Yeah. Gotta say people are over pricing the variants. My LCS has them at $19 and I thought that was too high. They had a stack of them.

      1. I think a lot of LCSs are missing the point on store incentive variants. They way overprice them, and they never sell. Then they move them to another shelf and they sit gathering dust. The only way they get purchased is if one shoots up overnight, and then they are getting the shaft anyway. Sell them!! They are so afraid of missing out on the $10 extra up front, they end up making nothing. Downtown Comics in Indy is the absolute worst at this. They typically price their variants in triple figures. It’s almost humorous!!

        1. Yeah, if you buy X amount of Y in hopes to sell the 1:100 variant of Y you obtained to make up for the cost of all the extra copies of Y that will also be sitting on your shelves for quite some time, perhaps one should rethink the approach and only buy X mount of Y they know they can sell.
          Then they save themselves the headache of overstock piling up over time and overpriced variants they’ll never sell until they have the 50% or better sale.
          One of my local shops also seems to sit on their ratio’d variants. It’s humorous to search their variants stock to find books they still have listed at $29.99 or higher selling on eBay for under cover price.

  1. I did pick up the Joker variant just because I see a future classic cover with it. Even at 1:250 ratio there seems to be a good amount of these so don’t overspend.

    1. The print run on DC Nation #0 is estimated to be around 1 000 000 units. That makes about 4000 copies of the 1:250. Not rare, but not plentiful either, considering it is Batman and the Joker on the cover. We will have to wait for the actual print run numbers but Im happy with my copy for my PC.

      1. Yeah, as long as people don’t overpay for it I think it is a good bet for the PC….with potential legs down the road. It is a sweet cover.

    1. realistically, for the 1:250 I would think $15 to 20, but if they keep selling $25 to $30 won’t be out of the question.

      1. Anything more, at least right now would be way too much…even $30 right now is too much IMO, unless it is selling a ton faster than expected.

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