Spoilers: Walking Dead #179

The Walking Dead #179 is in stores today. It is a less action driven, more character driven story. I know people were expecting a death, but it ain’t happening this issue. There are no big jaw dropping moments, but one character makes a big change. Check out the spoilers below.
The spoiled images are redacted, click on the spoiler warning to see the images. The accompanying text is not redacted, so proceed with discretion.
A little bit about the social structure in the new community is explained.

An offer is made to Michonne

A decision is made by Michonne

One thing I missed, but need to mention, and think it will play a big part later, is Michonne surrenders her swords to Eugene. I think this could be important in an issue or two.

6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Walking Dead #179”

  1. So this is where we’re at now Kirkman? The walkers are just an annoyance and Michonne has to decide on a job offer from a rival company?
    What can they need lawyers for post apocolypse? Are people suing biters in civil lawsuits? Seriously, if there could be one bright spot in the zombie takeover, it should be no more lawyers!
    Time for either new blood writing the book or a wrapup soon. This is just boring now.

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