New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/9/18

The New Comic Spec Review video is up and running. Each week I post a video with an early look at the hot books of the week (some weeks are earlier than others.) Here is this week’s for May 9th 2018

17 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/9/18”

  1. Lol Little mistakes are expected when you’re up till 1:00 in the morning watching the Cardinals beat the Cubs in 13 innings!

  2. The Fraggle series is going to have a secret variant released when issue #4 comes out. To unlock the secret variant, shops will have needed to order all the sub covers for issues #1-#4. If they have done that, then they will be able to order a fifth secret variant tgat will connect to the other four issues. The secret 5th variant will be shipped with issue #4, according to solicitatikns in Previews.

  3. Death of Fred looks to be picking up steam already. Buuut will he stay dead? And when does scrappy come back?

    1. Yeah, death’s never hold up for long. If you miss out, just wait a while, the prices will drop back down to real world prices for sure.

  4. The Exiles #3 game variant is a super ghost. I’ve been looking on ebay for the better part of a week and haven’t seen a single issue. I expect anything that does pop up to fetch a nice sum.

    1. Salty, same here. I’ve been looking for it for over 2 weeks and I see that just one’s been sold on ebay.

      1. There’s one for 30$. I think I’m going to wait and hope that some more listings pop up for less. I hope I dont regret it

  5. I really liked barrier and I just added it to my pull.
    I do have to complain about the Spanish though. It’s reaaaaaaly annoying having to use the Google translate app to read sections of the book.

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