Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of May 9th, 2018

Welcome again to another amazing week of things I like and things I don’t like. This will end up being the most fun and best article each week cause you know, who doesn’t like to complain about things right?

Supporting artists by buying the stuff they give away for free already.
Hands down, artists who create great work and just give it away are awesome. So what’s a good way to send them an appreciation? Buy the free stuff when it becomes available.
Barrier #1 and #2 hit stands this week and there’s no better way to send Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin a thank you buy buying a copy or two.
Fraggle Rock
I don’t know about the rest of you all but I loved Fraggle Rock. Well, it’s back from BOOM! Studios in comic book form.
It’s also being done in watercolor art. I love water colors and there’s no better way to appreciate a childhood nostalgia than great artwork of some Jim Henson classic characters.
Superheroes getting married. 
Every time I think about the story lines where fictional superheroes marry their love interest (usually another superhero) I barf a little in my mouth.
For me, it’s just the filler story lines because they have nothing else better to write. Batman and Catwoman are getting married, sure it’s creating some buzz but quite frankly I don’t care, it won’t last. At least I can’t see it lasting. Don’t worry though, I’ll buy to flip for all the suckers out there though but doesn’t mean I still have to like it.
Now we have Kitty Pride marrying Colossus. Who cares? Get on with the story already and stop writing stupid soap drama story lines.
Donny Cates
Cates has been great so far for Marvel. I hope they’re paying him well. He’s practically boosted sales of characters most likely wouldn’t even bother picking up.
What I don’t like is him ending books (Thanos). But what I do like is him picking up new titles to write.
I’ve never been that much into Venom. I think he’s a great villain when he appears in Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s to hoping Cates and create some buzz and make him more interesting in his own stand alone series, a series I wouldn’t even bother with but will now pick up only because Cates is writing it starting with a new Venom #1. I don’t like the reboot though.
I don’t like the number of variants though, so of course it’s just Cover A for me. But then again, if I did get a variant cover, I’d have to go with Paolo Rivera’s variant (if I can snag at cover price). I like Paolo’s art, I think it’s underrated.

Well, that’s a wrap of all the things I like and don’t like this week. Let us know what’s bothering you or what you love about this week.

47 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of May 9th, 2018”

    1. I like it to be honest, artwork is great but I dislike how they made the connecting covers between two different titles.

      1. I don’t like how Spider-Man is split in half…otherwise I may have bought both. Instead I chose neither.

  1. My local comic shop has the 1:25 Venom variant for $10. A bit cheaper than most eBay preorders. I’m thinking of buying it if I can’t find it at cover price elsewhere.

    1. That’s actually not a bad price for 1:25 variant. I wouldn’t oppose a price that low for a variant if it’s going into a personal collection.

  2. I like this Poyo. Your opinion and Anthony’s means a lot to me in my buying spec. So I always try to take a little from each of you. I also like that it’s before Tuesday(online orders) night Wednesday mornings. Plus yes on Fraggle Rock.

    1. Thanks, nice to know. I can assure everyone I’m not always right but hopefully all can use my opinion or information to draw their own conclusions of what they end up buying. But like Anthony always says as well, buy what you like. If everyone is saying “don’t but”, don’t let that stop you from buying if you do like it.

    2. I take it you haven’t seen Shawn’s one year later revisits???
      Lol I kid, I kid!
      Tony and Poyo are two totally awesome dudes. So is DrunkWookie. Their knowledge, passion and generosity make this place the best comic spec community on the web. Hands down.
      It also doesn’t hurt that Tony is so easy on the eyes.

      1. I love seeing how wrong I am a year later.. 😉
        And yes, it’s a good thing Tony does videos, I’m hideous looking and would drive traffic away.. 😉

      2. To be honest, I only come for the videos. I mute them though because beauty like that is to be seen and not heard.

        1. We spoon late at night in our hotel bed after Tyson from ToyBoxOne goes to sleep when we hit up NYCC each year. That emotion of feeling loved is a great feeling. Oh snap, that was suppose to be a secret..

  3. I’m sure we can come up with a better name name for the articles. I’m almost positive.
    Like Poyo’s crispy or grilled? (Because crispy chicken is awesome and grilled sucks!) (I know I know that was pretty bad)
    And make new categories that are all chicken based. Like it’s an egg if you have to sit on it for a while and quick flips can be breasts/thighs because they don’t stay hot forever or something. I don’t know. Chicken jargon for sure though.

    1. I rather like the working title. ‘Things I like and dont like’ There is a certain elegance to the simplicity and directness of it all.

      1. Yeah. But I do like the egg and chicken references perhaps within the article…. Could be fun.

                1. So omelettes in between two pieces of toast are not called Western Sandwiches in Texas? (Im being completely serious here) We call Canadian Bacon, Peameal bacon.

                2. Hmm. I’ve never referred to them that way. Egg between toast I’ve only called them an egg sandwich.

                3. Up here in Canada, its totally referred to as a ‘western’. Its not just egg, i think, it also had to have peppers, onions et al cooked with the egg. Omelette on toast = western sandwich. I guess thats why my initial joke fell flat. Lol. Bueller?

                4. Haha… No worries. I use to know a guy in England who actually thought we had tumbleweeds everywhere in Texas. I told him Texas is not like what they make it out in the movies.

                5. We also dont call Hockey ‘Hockey’. We call it ‘Stick Ice Fight’

                6. When I visited Canada I was saddened to learn you all dont say… “Sacre bleu”

                7. I say that all the time, but you need to add Tabernacle to it. ‘Sacre bleu tabernacle’. I dont have the slightest clue what it means, if anything, but my dad used to always say it.

                8. Well, they may be correct. My dad was a joker and he did not speak french. He always said it as a joke when things didnt go his way. I just googled it, and Tabernac, derived from Tabernacle, is essentially the worst swear word you can say in Canadian French. Its the equivalent of ‘fuck’, to my understanding. Translated from french to english, ‘sacre bleu tabernac’ means ‘sacred blue fuck’. Huh?

  4. I think Cates will do great things with his Venom run. I’m hoping for more than one story arc. I saw cates on the FCBD book from aftershock. I didnt read it yet but the art looked solid.

    1. I have a feeling that ol’ Donny has found his home on the Venom title. I think he had big, long term plans for Eddie and his symbiote. I can see him being on this for some time. Fingers crossed.

  5. 1. Im in the same boat as you, Poyo. O will currently read anything that Cates writes for Marvel.
    2. Did you notice on the cover of last weeks relaunched Avengers #1, that they had a little #691 in the bottom of the corner box? They are somewhat keeping thr legacy numbering on their titles. I dont like the relaunch at all, bit at least Marvel has kept the legacy numbering too, for now.
    3. Fraggle Rock (lemonade)? Please.

    1. I did notice they kept the Legacy numbering…. They claim to restart to avoid confusion but I’m sure having both will also cause confusion.

      1. No doubt that it will. But it certainly helps me, and others Im sure, by keeping that legacy number there. I hope to hell that they do that with the new (uugh) ASM1 relaunch. Ive dropped a lot of titles because of this re-re-re numbering. Ive been back into comics for 3 years and this will be the fourth ASM renumbering. I love comics, but that alone makes me want to stop buying ASM. And Im a life long Spidey fan.

        1. They might be cause I thought originally I read Spencer picks up the writing for ASM in issue 802 or 803…. So I’d imagine they’re dling the same thing for ASM as theyre doing with Avengers.

  6. 1. ffragel rock is #awesomesauce. 2. I disagree as I love marriage in comics batman #50 will be the bomb and coulouss stole the cradle #testify 3. marvel can go suck an egg tired of all the renumbering&relaunching when I started with amazing I started with #257 and that was that . 4. cates csn write the bible and I would read it he is that dam good. and this should be called get off my yard . I love you guys blind adam out p.s. so that’s going on after hours at nycc? explans a lot love you all take care

  7. Poyo, do you also shake your fist angerily at kids who step on your lawn? That’s what I envision you doing when I read this…

    1. Surprisingly I don’t waste water in watering my yard since I’m in central Texas. It’s going to die anyways when the yearly period hits when there’s no rain falling from the skies for 3-6 months.
      Water is precious and should not be wasted on making my yard green (or anyone’s yard green). Even if my grass stayed nice and green, it’s just too dang hot to go enjoy it.

  8. FYI, if anyone missed out on a copy of Alien Toilet Monsters, Midtown just listed them as “In Stock” again, both covers. This would be classified as things I like. 🙂

      1. It needs to be a mask off your actual face though. No one would know. It would be hilarious!

  9. 1. Hell yeah! Preordered all 5 issues of Barrier and my hardcover The Private Eye is a beaut.
    2. I came to Fraggle Rock for the fraggles, but I stayed for the doozers!
    3. Superhero orgies or gtfo.
    4. Marvel’s alienated me for the most part, but I’ve continued to enjoy Cates’ Redneck even though you don’t hear it discussed much lately.

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