Image Comics Infidel Optioned for Movie

The Hollywood Reporter let out that the Image Comics mini-series Infidel has been picked up for a movie.
The series, which started with Infidel #1, The B cover can still be picked up from TFAW for less than cover price, had three regular covers. A regular cover, Jae Lee variant, and a Virgin Variant all on eBay for cover or slightly higher. As a fan of the book so far, I am looking forward to see if this moves on.
From The Hollywood Reporter:

TriStar Pictures has picked up the rights to Infidel, a horror comic from former DC/Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Aaron Campbell.
Michael Sugar, who won an Oscar for producing Spotlight and is an exec producer on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, will produce the adaptation with Ashley Zalta via the duo’s Sugar23 banner. Anonymous Content will also produce.
Described as a haunted-house story for the 21st century, the comic centers on an American Muslim woman and her multiracial neighbors, who find themselves living in a building haunted by strange creatures that seemingly feed on xenophobia.

7 thoughts on “Image Comics Infidel Optioned for Movie”

  1. And like every other Image title picked up it will probably never happen. Still waiting for Sheltered and Clone movies and the tv shows for Thief Of Thieves, Hoax Hunters, Peter Panzerfaust, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, Southern Bastards etc etc

    1. Lol. Do me a favor and don’t hold your breath on most of them. I do like Hoax Hunters and wish it would get made. Sheltered as well.
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      1. Sheltered was my favorite Image series at the time and I was bummed to see it end, and how it ended was disappointing with Lucas going out the way he did. I have a dozen pages of Sheltered original art, it’s for my own enjoyment whether they end up being worth more down the road doesn’t matter to me.
        Would be much better as a cable tv series than a movie I think

  2. wow another image option. and cee certain people hate on mark maillar books. well at least the ge greatest writer on gods green earth gets his movies and showsw made. #testify. the only image book that will see it on the big screen is spawn at least any time soon. still would love to see chew on the big screen or better yet as an animated series on Netflix or you tube and historically speaking the only hits in other media image ever had were 1. the maxx on mtv. 2 spawn on hbo&live action was it bad yes however did it make mad money yes it did . 3. gen 13 had a well made animated movie. of course the walking dead however for all the film makers in our chu family fanf ilms baby I love you all god bless and keep the hand strong blind adam out

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